Alex Iwobi Still On Trial at Arsenal

Arsenal will be traveling to Newcastle United on Sunday afternoon in another twisty Premier League fixture. For Alex Iwobi, the trial has only just started, and for now, the adjudicators are very much still out.

Honestly, the Premier League is not the most exciting competition for Arsenal from now until the end of the season.

One player whom we will be watching closely is Alex Iwobi, following his performance against Southampton last weekend, where he played in a role that I believe to be his best and most-suited.

This week, away at Newcastle United, Wenger is likely to set up in the same manner, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang leading the line, two wide players, (probably Reiss Nelson and Danny Welbeck again), and the Super Eagle player as the creative pivot at the heart of it all.

While I do not necessarily oppose the loan sentiment, Iwobi will still want to prove that he has the quality to earn more play time next season in the remaining few games.

Once Iwobi has pace around him, which he will have in high quantity with Aubameyang, Nelson Welbeck making runs off him, and space to work in, the twinkling of his feet, the whirring cogs of his mind, and his brilliant short-game distribution all come to the fore.

That is not to say that Iwobi is a dazzling player when put in the right position.

Iwobi will be on trial for his future in these pending games.

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