Arsenal Board Could Make Surprise Decision On Arteta After Man Utd Clash On Sunday

Arsenal Board Surprise Decision On Arteta

Arsenal have already faced three of last season's top five clubs with another big fixture coming up against Manchester United on Sunday.

They've so far failed to beat Manchester City, Liverpool or Leicester.

Arsenal currently sit 11th in the table and could drop down as low as 15th if they lose against United on Sunday.

Despite the poor run of form for the Gunners, Arteta is still well supported by the board.

But Jamie Redknapp believes that can quickly change if he's unable to turn around results in the league.

“It’s been a difficult run [for Arsenal]. Sometimes when you come in to a club you can make a big impact,” Redknapp told Sky Sports’ Pitch to Post podcast.

“If they can start the game well they will see it as an opportunity to get a result.

“Arteta was doing such a good job for a while but it doesn’t take long for it to turn.

“You only have to lose a few games and the focus turns on you. Mikel will be well aware of that.”

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