The Champions League is one of the most popular football competitions for clubs. Considering how widely popular this competition is, it is expected that most sportsbooks would provide an extensive range of betting markets on this competition. In this article, we will be walking you through Champions League prediction tips and the essentials to know about the competition.

Champions League Betting Tips/Predictions

Note: Odds correct at the time of publishing, please check the current odds on a bookmaker's site before you place a bet.

Current Odds for Champions League

In this section of this review, we will be brushing you up on the top betting market for this current UCL season.

Champions League Betting Tips and Predictions

Most Popular Bets on Champions League

There are betting markets that are commonly wagered when it comes to the Champions League. In this section, we will be looking at these top betting markets and cover some UCL betting tips and UCL predictions that you would find useful.

Outrights (Winner)

This betting market basically predicts the overall winner of the competition. Looking at the odds currently provided by Bet9ja, 10 teams are top contenders. They are:

  • Manchester City (4.50 odds)
  • Bayern Munich (4.95 odds)
  • PSG (6.25 odds)
  • Liverpool (6.50 odds)
  • Chelsea (8.75 odds)
  • Manchester United (17.00 odds)
  • Ajax (21.00 odds)
  • Juventus (23.00 odds)
  • Real Madrid (23.00 odds)
  • Atletico Madrid (31.00 odds)

Now that we have highlighted the top 10 selections for this game, let's take a look at the top 5 contenders to win the competition.

Manchester City

For years now, Manchester City have been going headstrong to winning the UCL. However, their journey usually gets cut short when they get to the quarter-finals or semi-finals. Last season, however, was different as they managed to make it to the finals. Sadly, they lost to Chelsea in a 1-0 score-line. So far, they have played four champions league games in the Group stage and only lost four. They are still focused on winning it this time. Looking at how close they came to winning last season, playing them to win is one of the smartest champions league betting tips.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich, like Manchester City, have always been a top contender for the last 10 years. The last time they won the competition was in the 2019/2020 season. Before that season, they keep getting close but always end their race when they are at the quarters or semi-finals. So far in the group stage, they have played four games and won three, losing one. Given their current form, if you are looking to try out some UCL predictions, you have a better chance at winning if you predict Bayern Munich to win.


PSG are yet to win the UEFA Champions League to date, despite being a top contender for over a decade now. The closest they got to win it was in 2019/2020 where they met Bayern Munich in the final. Sadly, they lost to Bayern Munich by a close margin. Regardless, they've been relentless about their goal to clinch the title. So far in the group stage, they have played four games, won two games, and sealed a draw for two games. Though they are having a shaking start, they are still very much in the race for winning the UCL. PSG have not particularly been their best this season They have struggled to win games and are considered a top contender so far because of their wealth of experience playing in this competition.


Champions League Betting Tips and Predictions

Liverpool won the UCL title in the 2018/2019 season and ever since they have continued to keep the ball rolling to win more. So far in the group stage, they have played four games and won all four games. Given their current form this season, you won't be throwing caution to the wind if you predict them to win the title this time. For a team that is currently on top form, betting them to win the league is very much advisable. Interestingly, they are currently given six odds to win the league, which is relatively higher when you consider the other odds of the top five contenders.


Chelsea are the current defending champions. Their journey to winning the UCL title last season was nothing short of inspiring. Considering how they have been going headstrong this season, it shows they are still relentless. So far in the Group Stage, Chelsea have played four games, won three, and lost one. Looking at how fierce they've been going so far, it seems as though they are looking at winning the title back-to-back. The interesting thing about playing Chelsea to win the title is that you are in there with a good shout and the odds offer you the best value. Compared to the other top 5 contenders, Chelsea has been given 8.75 odds to win and given their current form, it is a strong possibility as well.

To Reach the Final

This is another betting market that you could take advantage of if you consider the Outrights winner too risky. In this case, all you have to predict is the team to reach the final. Once that team gets to the final, you have won your bet. Among general ucl predictions, it is the most common. The odds for this market are usually lower than that of the Outrights Winner because it has a better chance to come through. Here are the top 10 contenders to reach the finals:

  • Manchester City (2.60 odds)
  • Bayern Munich (2.85 odds)
  • PSG (3.50 odds)
  • Liverpool (3.75 odds)
  • Chelsea (4.90 odds)
  • Manchester United (9.00 odds)
  • Ajax (10.00 odds)
  • Juventus (11.00 odds)
  • Real Madrid (11.00 odds)
  • Atlético Madrid (17.00 odds)
  • Barcelona (21.00 odds)

One of the helpful champions league betting tips we recommend is to back any of the top five teams on this list to get to the final.

Champions League Preview

The Champions League is a yearly competition where 32 top European Teams across different come together to play for the top title. This is the biggest European competition and has been played consistently for over 50 years now. This current season has gone as far as to the tail end of the group stages where the top 16 will be decided to proceed. Currently, four teams are sure to proceed: Bayern, Liverpool, Juventus, and Chelsea. It is a slippery slope for Manchester United, Salzburg, Lille, Villareal, and Barcelona. With two group games remaining, any little upset could tip any of those teams out of the race.

Champions League Betting Tips: Man Utd

Top Three Bookmakers for this competition

There are a plethora of bookmakers that you could explore to bet on this competition. In this section of this review, we will be taking a look at three top bookmakers with the best odds for this competition.


Bet9ja is one of the top-tier betting platforms in Nigeria that offer premium betting services that would leave you coming for more. Here are some of the reasons why we highly recommend bet9ja for this competition.

  • They offer highly competitive odds that would give you the best value
  • They offer as many as 500 betting markets for each UCL event, so you are spoiled for choices.
  • Their live betting is highly responsive.


1xbet is an internationally-acclaimed betting platform that has cut across borders, including Nigeria too. This betting site is one of the creme de la cremes of the online betting space and it is not surprising that we would recommend it for this competition. Here are the top reasons why we consider 1xbet as the best fit for betting on UCL games.

  • The cashout feature is highly responsive
  • The sportsbook covers limitless UCL betting markets that you can harness to increase your winning potentials.
  • The sportsbook also offers you live statistics that you can take advantage of when betting on live UCL games


There is no mention of top betting platforms in Nigeria without the mention of Betway. This is one bookie that has stood the test of time and is relentless about providing premium betting service. Looking at the standard that Betway is known to thrive on, it is a no-brainer that it would make our list. If you are looking for one of the best bookies to apply your top UCL betting tips, you won't go wrong with this bookie. Here are the top reasons why we recommend the bookie for this competition:

  • The website is very safe and reliable
  • They have a highly functional app that makes betting on UCL games very seamless
  • They offer high UCL odds that will give you an opportunity of winning higher compared to when you use other bookies.

FAQ about the UEFA Champions League?

How many times have Manchester City won the UCL title?

Surprisingly, Manchester City has never won the UCL title. Despite being a major contender for about a decade now, the closest they have gotten to winning it was getting to the final in the 2020/2021 season.

Which team has won the highest UCL titles?

Real Madrid have won the highest UCL titles. Cumulatively, they have won 13 UCL titles. Sadly, they are not a top contender for winning it this season because they are currently struggling.

Which bookie has the best odds for UCL games?

We highly recommend 1xbet odds because they have the highest odds for UCL games among the three we reviewed in this article. Take advantage of champions league prediction tips to make the most out of the high odds.

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