Chelsea Defender Fikayo Tomori Goes To School, Drops Game

Fikayo Tomori Goes To School

Chelsea defender Fikayo Tomori has revealed that he doesn’t play video games with his team-mates as he is reading for a business management degree.

While several players relax by playing games like FIFA and Fortnite in their spare time, the 21-year-old is busy planning for a career after football.

Tomori said: ‘Everyone is gaming. I’m not much of a gamer, I let them get on with it, but there’s a lot of FIFA and Fortnite going on.

‘Football is not going to go on forever.

‘When I retire — or God forbid get an injury — then I have something I’m working towards and that can stand me in good stead for the future.’

The England defender explained that he spends around eight to ten hours a week studying for a business management degree at the Open University.

He said: ‘I’m reading leadership in business, that’s the current topic. I spend maybe about eight or 10 hours a week, something like that.

‘I’m reading all the time, trying to learn new things. I haven’t got the books (at St George’s Park) but I can do it online, so I can see whatever I need to see there.’

The Chelsea starlet hopes to complete the degree in 2020 but admits he hasn’t had much time to read his books while on international duty.

He said: ‘I’ve had a little look at my books. Obviously it’s the first few days so I’ve tried not to look at that too much and be focused on the football.

‘But when I do have free time I can look at them.

‘I like to spend time with the boys, which is important and have a bit of fun.

‘But at night before I’m going to bed or whatever, I might have a look over it.’

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Tomori was also eligible to play for Canada or the Super Eagles of Nigeria, but he has now committed to England.

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