Chelsea Set To Spend £100 Million On Signing Brazilian Midfielder Philippe Coutinho

Chelsea to Spend £100 Million On Signing Philippe Coutinho

Chelsea are at the stage of the season whereby their fans are looking for an inspirational move from their club in the transfer window.

It's fair to say that Chelsea's season, after a good start, has choked in recent weeks, with defeats becoming as regular as victories.

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Winning silverware this season remains a priority but the feeling is there it may not happen with Chelsea not quite being as good as those around them.

I have to say that one piece of transfer speculation has really caught the world’s eye and it comes courtesy of the News vehicle, the Express, which is championing the speculation that Chelsea could be about to spend £100 million on a player for the first time in their history.

According to the source, Chelsea have enquired about signing Brazilian midfielder, Philippe Coutinho, who is on the books of Barcelona.

The 26-year-old moved to the Catalan side, from Liverpool, during the last transfer window for a sum said to be in the region of £143 million.

Coutinho hasn't been as successful in Spain as it was hoped and this season has started just 11 games in La Liga.

Now whether the source is merely trying to boost sales figures or has an authentic insight into the possibility of such a deal being struck remains to be seen.

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Do you see any possibility of Chelsea breaking through that £100 million barriers to sign Coutinho?

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