China Censor David Beckham’s Tattoos, Term It “Immoral And Vulgar”

China Censor David Beckham's Tattoos

Chinese TV broadcasters have censored David Beckham’s tattoos in his arms, legs and body in a screening of his new documentary ‘David Beckham Into The Unknown’ because the inkings are seen as “immoral and vulgar”.

The show follows the former England captain as he travels into the Amazon rainforest in Brazil with best friend Dave Gardner.

But tattoos are banned from TV screens in China, along with any other aspect of “hip hop culture”, and stars including Justin Bieber have been barred from touring in that country.

China is a communist state and have reportedly ruled that “immoral and vulgar content” should be kept off the air in 2018.

Speaking about his tattoos, the ex football ace said: “Thankfully I don’t feel I’ve made any (mistakes) with my tattoos. My son’s started and I’m sure he’ll make mistakes.

“But it’s part and parcel of life and being creative. That’s something you can’t stop someone doing, it holds them back.”

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Here’s what Beckham’s tattoo artist Mark Mahoney had to say about the former Manchester United star: “I didn’t know anything about soccer, I didn’t know who he was, just that he was this handsome guy who comes in to get tattooed by me. But he really is a special individual.

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