COVID-19: La Liga Reveals Capacity Percentage That’ll Be Accepted In Stadiums

La Liga Capacity Accepted In Stadiums

The 2019-2020 La Liga season has not restarted yet and the Spanish competition is already planning for what’s ahead, as they should be.

Consideration is still being made on allowing fans into the stadiums from September 2020, although a 30% capacity would be required, according to a report from El País.

This would also need a-go-ahead from the Spanish government and health authorities.

Allowing fans into stadiums would be huge for the clubs, even if the capacity is drastically reduced.

Their revenue for these months will be severely decreased and it would be difficult for some of them to recover from these three months without games.

However, it will be a tough one for the Spanish clubs to handle this situation bearing in mind that they usually have a bigger percentage than 30% as season ticket holders.

The plan also includes increasing that capacity up to 50% by November and then remove the restrictions in January 2021 if the COVID-19 situation is under control.

Still, this is only La Liga’s plan —a fairly optimistic one.

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