David Beckham’s Wife, Victoria Re-Enacts Famous Spice Girls Pose

Victoria Spice Girls Pose

Victoria Beckham recreated her famous Spice Girls pose as she messed about at home today.

The mum-of-four shared a picture of herself flashing the peace sign, which Victoria did in the band’s heyday, before heading back to work.

She told her followers: “Back to work in a monochrome look from a collection I’m launching very soon!! x VB.”

The 45-year-old was in the band up until 2000 when the group decided to take a break and she started work as a fashion designer.

The star’s latest post comes after she revealed her extremely healthy morning routine.

Victoria Spice Girls Pose

Victoria told her followers: She said: “First thing I do every morning is 2tsp of Apple cider vinegar. Followed by… fresh lemon squeezed into hot water.

“This morning Harper has made breakfast, or she made it last night really.

“This is chia seed pudding which is chia seeds soaked in almond milk, and a little raspberry stuck in the middle there.

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“It doesn't look that appetising but let’s eat. It is very sweet that she has made this for breakfast.”

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