Dead Football Icon Diego Maradona’s Signature Forged

Diego Maradona’s doctor has faced claims he forged the dead football great’s signature.

Documents appearing to show someone practising the Argentinian idol’s sign-off appeared in several Argentinian news media.

They were said to be at the Buenos Aires home of Leopoldo Luque, 39, who had carried out a brain op on the player.

One is a signed letter to the clinic from the star asking it to “send a copy of my medical records to Leopoldo Luque”.

Another includes the same request but contains several signatures and a third includes a scanned signature understood to be Diego’s original signature with others around it.

Prosecutors investigating Maradona’s death in November are hiring handwriting experts.

In November, Mr Luque said: “If I’m responsible for anything when it comes to Diego, it was loving him, caring for him, improving his life to the end and extending it.”

He described him as an “impossible” patient who hated doctors but had a special relationship with him.

And he added: “I don’t blame myself for anything. It’s very unfair what’s happening. Someone is trying to find a scapegoat here when I don’t see one anywhere.”

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Dr Luque denies wrongdoing.

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