‘Give Me These Two Things And I’ll Stay’ – Kane Tells Tottenham Chairman Levy

Tottenham striker Harry Kane is demanding two things from the club chairman Daniel Levy in order for him to stay, says transfer expert Duncan Castles.

Castles says Kane and his brother are serious in making a decision over Kane's future.

As well as wanting an increase in his wages if he were to stay, the England captain also wants to know if Spurs are prepared to do what they can to compete for major honours in the near future.

Castles said on the Transfer Window podcast: “This time Kane and his closest advisor, which is his brother, are serious about deciding if this is the time to move and a calculation that, with his age, a decision has to be made whether he continues at Tottenham indefinitely or whether he takes the opportunity while he still has the status around him in the game to move to one of the big clubs, while they're prepared to put the money down to do that deal.

“I think [Kane's] words are pretty strong.

“So it fits entirely with what we reported on the podcast at the beginning of March.

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“And it's a very significant problem for Daniel Levy to have to deal with in the sense that this is Kane and his people saying ‘not only do we want a bigger contract, but we want to know that if we stay at Tottenham, we have the opportunity to win titles, we have the opportunity to get a Premier League title and have the chance to be competing at the top level of the Champions League again'.”

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