Goal-Line Technology wins Best Football Innovation For 30 Years

Goal-Line Technology wins Best Football Innovation For 30 Years

Goal-line technology has won the best football innovation of the last 30 years.

VAR, free-kick vanishing spray and the modern football boot are also among the innovations which fans think have improved the sport.

The research was commissioned to mark the launch of the latest series of The EE Wembley Cup, where four teams made up from YouTube's most famous football bloggers and ex-international players will compete for the trophy.

Former Arsenal star Pirès said: “Recent innovations in football have revolutionised the way we talk about and watch matches.”

A third of British football fans admitted it's hard to beat live football stadium action, although nearly all respondents still turn to tech for instant replays, game analysis or to watch a goal for a second time.

The introduction of the American Football-inspired draft stage will also see captains boost their teams with an international football legend and stars of YouTube's most talked about teams, with Joe Weller, Sean Garnier, Fifa Manny, and Chris MD all featuring.

With the addition of world-class players to the stellar line up of football YouTubers, the 2018 EE Wembley Cup will be one to remember.

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