Highlights: Mourinho Previews Fulham Fixture in Manchester United Press Conference

Man United will soon be back in the top four - José Mourinho

Jose Mourinho spoke with the media this morning ahead of Manchester United's Premier League home game against Fulham on Saturday.

See excerpt of his speech below:

“Step by step, you have also other players in other clubs that needed their time and you have some of them that played even less than what Fred is playing. I think Fred when the team is defensively stronger and doesn't need in midfield, people that are more worried in giving balance to the team than being involved in the creation and attacking dynamic, the day we are stronger defensively I think the horizons for Fred change completely.

“I don't know. The training session, 11 o'clock will give us some answers, Smalling, Jones, Martial, Bailly. Of course Lindelof and Alexis, we don't even speak about them but we need answers and for sure we are going to play with players, not in the maximum of their potential but players who will put themselves available for the team like Smalling did in the last match, as Jones did against Southampton, players in difficulty who go one step forward to try and help the team.

“We press the ball more, put difficulties to the opponent, we were fast in our transitions, so we had that spirit, we had that mentality that brought our game to a good level, to a better level. There are special players with special characteristics and just to give you a couple of examples, Herrera, Rashford are the kind of players that even if their game was not phenomenal, that intensity, that desire, that passion, that sacrifice is always present but I prefer to say that the team as a team had that mentality.

“I know only two days [to prepare] is not easy. Fulham in the same situation as us but probably the way they are coming to play or try to play will not demand as much from them as us but no excuses, I sat here a few weeks ago speaking about the December month and no defeats that's a reality, good fights, good spirit, but just one victory against Young Boys and three draws and we need points, but Fulham is the same, they need points.

“You can see the mood of the fans changing, and their attitude and tolerance towards Pogba too. It's rare that United players would boo a player, but they're getting sick of his behaviour. There aren't many United fans that would be sad to see him go.

“It's a difficult selection again. Still waiting for conclusions, still waiting for people like Martial, Smalling, Jones – people with these kinds of doubts. But there is a good spirit and people are putting themselves on the line like Chris did in the last match and Jones did against Southampton. That's important when we have so many matches and problems with some players.”

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