The English Premier League currently ranks in the top three leagues in the world. For a league of such repute, it is expected that a wide range of bookies would offer odds on events under this category. In this article, we will be taking you through how to bet on the EPL and helpful insights that would come really handy.

How to Bet on the EPL (English Premier League)?

If you are not so conversant with how to bet on the English Premier League, you are going to find these steps very useful.

How to bet on EPL

Open an Account

The first major step to tick off the list is to register a bet account. You have to take a tour through a wide range of betting sites, read up reviews on them, and make your preference. Once you have made a choice on which betting site to go for, simply sign up with them to get started.

Fund your Account

There is no way you are going to explore the numerous odds available on EPL if your account isn't properly funded. Now that you have a bet account, proceed to explore the deposit options available to fund your account.

Take your picks

More often than not, most betting sites usually provide odds on EPL as early as a week before the event. So, you have a lot of time to decide what matches on EPL that you'd be betting on before the weekend. To select your picks, simply go to the football section of the site, click on England and select Premier League. Once you follow those steps, you will be redirected to all the EPL matches available to bet on. Before taking your picks, you can go as far as checking statistics. These statistics like head-to-head, standings, will help you make informed betting choices. So, after doing your research, click on each EPL event and select your picks. Once you are done filling up your bet slip, click on it, input your stake and place your bet.

Types of EPL Betting Markets

As we have already established, the EPL is one league that gets a lot of attention from betting operators. Hence, you are bound to enjoy numerous betting markets when you click on each EPL event. In this section, we will be looking at the widely featured betting markets and how to bet on the EPL using them.

Match Result

This is probably the commonest option that you will find across a wide range of sportsbooks out there. It is usually the first betting market you would find on each EPL event. It is mostly presented as 1 X 2 – which are three options. If you select ‘1' this means you are predicting the home team to win the match. If you select ‘X, ‘ this means you are predicting the match would end in a Draw. If you select ‘2,' this means you are predicting the away team would win the match. This option is straightforward to decide.


When you check out some EPL games on most bookies, you are most likely going to find Over/Under options. It is that common. What the Over/Under option implies is the number of goals. You can find Over options ranging from Over 1.5 to Over 6.5. You can also find Under options ranging from Under 4.5 to Under 0.5. When you predict an over option, it means you are predicting that the match would end with at least a minimum of the number of goals attached to them over. So, for example, an over 1.5 bet would be valid, if there were to be a minimum of two goals.

how to bet on the english premier league

Over Options Commonly Provided

Over 1.5 – at least 2 goals

Over 2.5 – at least 3 goals

Over 3.5 – at least 4 goals

Over 4.5 – at least 5 goals

Over 5.5 – at least 6 goals

Over 6.5 – at least 7 goals

Under Options Commonly Provided

Under 0.5 – No goal expected in the match

Under 1.5 – A minimum of 1 goal in the match

Under 2.5 – A minimum of 2 goals in total

Under 3.5 – A minimum of 3 goals in total

Under 4.5 – A minimum of 4 goals in total.

Both Teams to Score

Another very common betting market that a lot of bookies offer when betting on EPL games is the Both Teams to Score option. This option is quite straightforward, it is either a ‘Yes' or ‘No.' If you predict ‘Yes,' that means you are predicting that both teams will score in the match. If you are predicting ‘No,' that means you are predicting that both teams wouldn't score in the match. So in that case, if one team scores or both teams don't score at all, the bet is still valid. This betting option is usually advisable for an EPL game that is highly competitive.

If you check that the two teams playing have good goalscoring potentials, then they are most likely going to score against each other. Some bookies often present the Both Teams to Score option as GG/NG. It still means the same thing. GG (Goal-Goal) means both teams would score. NG (No-Goal) means both teams wouldn't score.

Anytime Goalscorer

Betting on EPL - Anytime Goalscorer

The anytime goalscorer option is another popular option that you are highly likely to find at different sportsbooks too. In this case, what you are predicting is majorly a player that would score in a match. For example, in a match between Wolves vs Manchester United, you could find Ronaldo under the anytime goalscorer as Yes/No. If you predict Yes, that means you are predicting he will score in the match. If you predict No, it means you are predicting he wouldn't score in the match. The Goalscorer option would be provided for all the players of both teams playing.

If we are to discuss the wide range of options offered on EPL games at most bookies, we could go on and on. However, the ones discussed above are some of the top popular ones. We hope this article has been educational enough to help you understand how to bet on EPL. With the wide range of options usually offered, betting on EPL can be such a delight.


This option is another very common market that you would find on most EPL games offered at different sportsbooks. Like the other options that we have discussed so far, it is also quite straightforward too. In this case, as the name implies, what you are predicting is the halftime and full-time outcome. So, you can expect a wide range of possibilities. Here are the types of Halftime/full-time options usually offered:

  • 1/1 – Home team leads from Halftime and ends up winning
  • 1/X – Home team wins at Halftime and Draws at Full-time
  • 1 / 2 – Home team wins at Halftime, Away team wins at Full-time
  • X/1 – Halftime ends in a Draw, the Home team wins at Full-time
  • X/2 – Halftime ends in a Draw, Away team wins at Full-time
  • X/X – Halftime and full-time both end in a draw
  • 2/1 – Away team wins at Halftime, Home Team wins at Full-time
  • 2/X – Away team wins at Halftime, Full-time ends in a Draw
  • 2/2 – Away team wins at Halftime and full-time.

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