Jurgen Klopp Analyses Cause Of Everton 0-2 Defeat

Liverpool lost their fourth consecutive game at Anfield in the Merseyside derby against Everton.  

Jurgen Klopp lamented his side's concession of an early goal as the Toffees won at Anfield for the first time in 22 years.

And the Reds manager said the early goal immediately put his side on the back foot in their efforts to shake off a disastrous run of form.  

“How much did it hurt? A lot,” Klopp said at full time. “But we conceded a completely unnecessary first goal, let’s not forget that, and it’s obviously a big part of the game.  

“There are two big parts – you have to defend and you have to score.  

“In one situation we didn’t defend well enough, we made a mistake so they could score, and we didn’t use their mistakes or the things we created, and that’s why we have the result.  

“Not all the games were the same. We were dominant in most of the games. We lost an away game against Leicester where we were really dominant as well.

“In the decisive moments we make either a mistake, or something strange happens.  

“That’s how it is; if we make a mistake it’s pretty much 100 per cent that the opponent scores from it, and if we force them to make mistakes, it doesn’t mean we will immediately score.  

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“I think everybody who saw the game tonight without the goals would think ‘how could that happen?’ But it happened, and it’s not the first time.”

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