La Liga Slash Barcelona’s Salary Cap For 2021-22 Season

La Liga Slash Barcelona’s Salary Cap For 2021-22 Season

La Liga has announced on Wednesday that Barcelona’s spending limit on salaries for the 2021-22 season has been set at 97 million euros ($113 million), about 285 million euros ($334 million) less than a year ago.

Each club has a different salary cap calculated based on a series of factors that include revenues, costs and debts.

It is proportional to roughly 70% of a club’s revenues.

The adjustments are part of the Spanish league’s longstanding financial control measures to reduce clubs' debts and keep them financially healthy.

Barcelona's struggles had already forced the league to slash the club's cap from a league-high 670 million euros (now $785 million) in 2019-20 to 385 million euros ($450 million) last season.

Six other clubs now have bigger spending limits than Barcelona’s.

Madrid’s cap is the highest, going from 470 million euros ($550 million) to 739 million euros ($863 million), which is 642 million euros ($750 million) more than Barcelona’s.

Sevilla followed with a cap of 200 million euros ($233 million), up from 185 million euros ($215 million) a season ago.

Atlético Madrid was third in the list after having its limit reduced to 171 million euros ($199 million).

Valencia, owned by Singaporean businessman Peter Lim, was last in the list of first-division clubs, with its salary cap being cut from about 100 million ($116 million) euros to only 30 million euros ($35 million).

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