The Latest On Proposed Champions League Alterations

changes to the champions league

Major changes to the Champions League is set to come into force and it will affect top sides in the Premier League.

Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal are the top six sides that could be impacted in the coming years.

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European Leagues are hosting a meeting of clubs and fan groups amid talk of Champions League promotion and relegation coming into play, as well as the abolition of qualifying for the competition via domestic leagues.

The Associated Press reports that the European Club Association chief Andrea Agnelli demanded that no clubs attend, with the sides largely against the potential changes.

Agnelli explained in a document to European clubs and released by the AP : “I am well aware that the European League, under the auspices of La Liga, have invited a large number of European clubs to attend a ‘Club Advisory Platform' meeting in Madrid on 6-7 May to discuss developments in European football and specifically those linked to the period after 2024.

“I can only assume that, at this meeting, further allegations and misconceptions will be put forth in the interests of preserving the status quo, without any attempt to understand the strategy and vision that ECA and UEFA are shaping for your collective input.”

The reference of post-2024 is linked to the planned changes to the Champions League which could comprise the eradication of qualification via domestic competitions, while promotion and relegation could be compulsory.

The changes have been discussed in the past by Agnelli, with the plan to execute them during the 2024/25 season.

However, clubs have rejected the ideas, with the latest European Leagues talk happening as European sides voice their concerns.

The AP has also disclosed the response to Agnelli's abovementioned demands, with European Leagues representative at UEFA, Lars-Christer Olsson, articulating his concerns and surprise at the original demands.

“Today (April 25) I received a strange letter in my hands, sent by the President of ECA, Mr Andrea Agnelli, to the member clubs in ECA.

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“The letter is not only containing false accusations but also information which is misleading regarding the future debate on the development of European professional club competitions and the actions taken by European Leagues.”

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