Man United To Sack Mourinho this weekend, Pay £20m Compensation

Man United To Sack Mourinho this weekend, Pay £20m Compensation

According to the Mirror, Jose Mourinho has lost the confidence of the Manchester United board, and of course its fans, and is set to be sacked this weekend regardless of the outcome of the match against Newcastle United today.

Former Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane is the favorite to succeed the Portuguese, who is said to receive compensation of around £20million.

Mourinho still insists he is the man to turn Manchester United's ailing season around, disputing the impending sack report by Daily Mirror.

United are struggling in 10th place in the Premier League, without a home win in any competition since the opening weekend of the season.

With Tuesday's goalless draw against Valencia in the Champions League, Mourinho had gone four home matches without a win for the first time in his managerial career.

Mourinho has a problem with the club's most expensive player Paul Pogba too.

During his pre-match press conference on Friday, he was asked if he felt he had taken United as far as he could last season, Mourinho said:”No. This team can do much better than what it is doing.

“If you want me to repeat, I repeat. I said last season was a fantastic season for us.”

“And if you want something more, in pre-season I also said that this season was going to be very difficult.”

The 55-year-old defended himself in the press conference, called for the earlier-than-usual time of 8:00 am which lasted for eight minutes and 29 seconds, and consisted of just 649 words.

He gave short answers to most of the questions put to him, including when asked why it was so difficult to get players working together with team spirit.

“Because sometimes things are not just in the manager's hands,” he replied.

Mourinho rejected suggestions his squad were struggling for confidence.

“No, I think we have enough potential to do better than what we are doing in the Premier League,” he said.

“We are better than this and because we are better than this, our situation is going to improve. I have no doubts about that.”

Asked who was to blame for United's predicament, Mourinho responded: “The same people that were to blame for the fantastic season of last season.”

The manager added United enjoyed a successful campaign by finishing second in May, ahead of “Opponents with more potential than us”.

“Success has a direct relationship with your own potential and a direct relation with the potential of your opponents,” he explained.

“The last season was phenomenal exactly because of these two factors – our potential and the potential of our opponents.”

“I think opponents with much more potential than we finished behind us. That is the reason why it was a phenomenal season.”

“With all the respect – and I hope they don't interpret me in a negative way – if we are playing in a league like the Swiss league and we don't win that league, that would be an awful season.”

“Last season, to finish second was fantastic for us.”

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