Mauricio Pochettino Speaks On Who Is Responsible For His Tottenham Sack

Mauricio Pochettino has been talking about his past, his future in a new interview.

The former Tottenham Hotspur boss is not pinning the blame on anybody for his sacking last year as manager.

In the documentary chairman Daniel Levy explained how difficult the decision was for him to sack Pochettino.

“A lot of heartache is the honest answer. It's never easy when you have to ask someone to leave the club. When you've been working with someone for five and a half years, it's difficult,” he said.

“My heart was telling me ‘don't do it' and my brain was telling me ‘you need to do it'.

“It's the most emotional decision I've ever had to make. It was more than just an employer, employee relationship.

‘’We went away together, we had a lot of fun times outside the club. I'm sure after a little while we'll continue doing that.

“At the moment things are a little raw, which is understandable. Mixed emotions. It's not a nice experience for either of us

“Everyone is going to have different opinions. That fact is that the results weren't where they needed to be.

‘’We have to do what we feel is right for the club and only time will tell if it's the right decision.”

The former Espanyol boss took part in a new interview this week with 90 Minutes magazine, which has been published in the Spanish media.

On his exit from Spurs, he said: “Relationships are broken due to the responsibility of both parties. I do not think there was a culprit. The managers survive by winning games .

“For five and a half years we fought for a clear objective, which was to win and meet certain economic parameters to make the club viable.

“Today they have one of the most beautiful stadiums. I wanted glory, to win a title, but we missed it.”

Pochettino also spoke about those Barcelona links and the time the Argentine once said he would “rather than work on a farm than manage Barcelona”.

Barca appointed Ronald Koeman this week as Pochettino still awaits his next challenge 10 months after his departure from north London.

“I think the statements made the fans reluctant to accept me, but at no time did I receive an offer to coach Barcelona, ” he said.

“I was wrong in the way I conveyed that it would be impossible in the future to coach Barcelona. I was a bit exaggerated by not leaving an iota of doubt.

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“It is clear that everyone who knows me knows that, from my past and a lot of things, it would be difficult to relate my name to the club. There are things that cannot be put together.”

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