Lionel Messi Makes Unexpected Confession About Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi, in an interview with Fox Sports, made an unexpected confession, which will surely send shockwaves across social media – he misses Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence in La Liga!

The Barcelona captain elaborated that he had warned that Real Madrid would feel Ronaldo’s absence following his transfer to Italy’s Juventus last year since he was making a major contribution to Los Blancos’ success.

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“Of course I miss Ronaldo, he made Real Madrid stronger. I said that they were going to feel the exit of Cristiano, as it would have happened to any team.

“A few people got angry but it’s a reality, he scored 50 goals per season for them and it was a key factor in their success. The whole league misses him now.”

“It was good for us both, we always wanted to improve ourselves. We did not have much of a relationship.

“We knew each other only from matches and at award ceremonies, but we always had good vibes and often talk too,” Messi told Fox Sports.

Messi and Ronaldo have over the last decade emerged as the greatest players in the world, and throughout their years as the powerful forces in Spain, it is little wonder that they caught a natural rivalry.

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While the Argentine previously called their competition “healthy” and good for fans, Ronaldo’s former Manchester United teammate, Ryan Giggs, once alleged that the Portuguese was “obsessed with being better” than Messi.

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