Mourinho escorted off pitch following Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Juventus

Mourinho escorted off the pitch following Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Juventus

Jose Mourinho will not just stop getting into trouble and causing controversies at games involving his team.

The Portugese had to be escorted off the pitch after taunting Juventus fans with a hand-to-the-ear celebration following Juve loss by 1-2 at home in the Champions League.

Mourinho drew the ire of Juventus players as he cupped his ear to the crowd after the final whistle, with Juve defender Leonardo Bonucci promptly confronting him as the players left the pitch.

Mourinho escorted off pitch following Manchester Uniteds 2-1 win Juventus

Anger began to flare as more Juventus players joined their teammate in squaring up to Mourinho before stewards and eventually Ashley Young intervened.

The incident came as United came back from a goal down to score twice in the last four minutes, winning 2-1 and keeping their qualification hopes alive in Group H.

Red Devils battled legend Paul Scholes, who Mourinho has clashed with on several occasions was not impressed.

Mourinho escorted off pitch following Manchester Uniteds 2-1 win Juventus

“This is everywhere he goes. You need to win with a bit of class,” Scholes told BT Sport.

“Shake the manager's hand, go over and clap your fans. I don’t think there’s any need for it but that’s the way he is.”

Fellow pundit Owen Hargreaves added: “It’s not necessary but it’s a remarkable result and it’s a big week for United and Mourinho.”

It’s not the first time the United boss has been involved in some post-game drama — he’s currently under an FA investigation following his antics against Newcastle in the Premier League.

“In a beautiful Italian city they insulted me for 90 minutes, I didn’t insult them,” said Mourinho in an interview after the game.

“I just made a little thing. I respect Juventus, I respect their players, their manager.

“I’m really really proud of my boys.

“I was insulted 90 minutes and I’m just here doing my work. I was insulted, my family was insulted, and I did the gesture meaning I wanted to hear more songs now.

“They also insulted my Inter family. However, now, outside the heat of the moment, I wouldn’t have done what I did. Let’s look forward.”

The win takes the Man Utd above Valencia in Group H, while Juventus still sit on top.

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