No Fine For Cristiano Ronaldo After Romantic Ski Trip Covid Breach

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, were under investigation after they allegedly took a romantic getaway to celebrate the Spanish beauty's 27th birthday.

Despite breaching Italy's COVID-19 lockdown protocols, it is believed that the couple has escaped paying any fines.

The latest update on the investigation has identified their destination as the five-star Le Massif hotel.

But, according to The Sun, the hotel was found closed on Thursday, when authorities visited the location to investigate.

Likewise, the couple has escaped a 400 euro fine because such fines must be handed on the spot in person once an individual is caught in breach of rules regarding unauthorised movement between regions.

With the alleged violation having taken place last week, the fine can't be collected in retrospect.

 Ronaldo has yet again toed the line when it comes to COVID-19 safety protocols.

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However, even if he was fined, 400 euros will hardly make a dent for the Portuguese striker.

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