Odegbami Calls For Sack Of Super Eagles Coach Gernot Rohr

Last updated on September 19th, 2019 at 8:25 am

Odegbami Sack Gernot Rohr

Segun Odegbami has expressed disappointment with the way the Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr has handled the national team so far especially at the ongoing Africa Nations Cup.

The former Green Eagles captain made this known in an interview on Channels Television breakfast programme.

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Odegbami says that Super Eagles players need a coach whose voice they can hear encouraging and directing them while on the field playing.

This is how the 66-year-old put it: “If I was in charge of Nigeria football, Gernot Rohr would have been on his way home.

“ I’m sorry that is a bit harsh, but you could see how he selected players, particularly in that match against Madagascar. We could have been out of this competition now, because of his selection of players for that match.

“See coaches like Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, they are the 12th player. They are by the side of the field, they are directing their players. They are shouting on referees, they are doing things. That is the sort of thing Nigerian players need.

“Nigerian players don’t want somebody who will just sit quietly and not say a word. They won’t hear his voice. You won’t help them with difficulty.

“Our nature is to be loud, to be compelled and driven to the wall. Our nature is not to just relax,” he said.

The Super Eagles were defeated by Madagascar by 2-0 to clinch a place in the last 16.

Many Nigerian football fans were totally disappointed at the result of being beaten by a debutant footballing nation in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Nigeria, however, bounced back and eliminated defending Africa Cup of Nations champions Cameroon by a thrilling 3-2 victory.

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Rohr’s men will not meet South Africa in the quarter-finals on Wednesday at 8pm.

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