Premier League Players And Managers Will Now Be Interviewed At Half-Time When Football Resumes

PL Players And Managers Interviewed Half-Time

As part of plans to revamp broadcasts in Project Restart, Premier League players might be interviewed at half-time and cameras could be placed in dressing rooms.

The Sunday Times claim top flight players and managers could partake in interviews both before a match and at half-time in order to provide fans watching at home more insight.

Talks are also ongoing to see if cameras can be placed in different positions inside the stadium as there are no fan views to block and it could mean thousands of empty seats in each stadium are not exposed.

All of these plans are being talked over in the hopes of the Premier League returning on June 12, with teams looking to resume training during May.

However, the ‘Project Restart' plans must be reviewed and approved by the government before any matches can be played.

Other discussions are ongoing regarding using a few neutral venues to complete the 2019/20 season and also lifting the law on the Saturday 3pm blackouts for broadcasting.

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There could also be a ban on spitting during a match and the ability to use up to five substitutes is also been proposed.

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