PSG Schedule Barca Neymar Transfer Talks Over Angry Fans

PSG Barca Neymar Transfer Talks

PSG have scheduled Barcelona transfer talks for Neymar because of the angry reaction of fans over the weekend, reports say.

PSG have agreed to sit down with Barcelona and talk about a stunning deal that would see Neymar return to the Nou Camp.

Catalan newspaper Sport say PSG have decided to see tight Javier Bordas, Eric Abidal and Andre Cury because of what happened over the weekend.

PSG opened their Ligue 1 campaign with a 3-0 win over Nimes courtesy of goals from Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe and Angel Di Maria.

But the Brazil international was missing from the squad.

PSG fans made clear their feelings towards the Samba star, telling him to ‘f*** off’.

They were also heard chanting Neymar was a ‘son of b****’ in something that prompted a furious reaction from the player’s sister.


“You wish you still had my brother at your team.

“You will win nada without him. F******.”

And that, the report says, is why PSG are now ready to accelerate the 27-year-old’s departure.

They feel it is time to cash in on Neymar and, despite wanting to sell to Real Madrid, Barcelona are now confident over a deal.

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And speaking after PSG’s drubbing of Nimes, manager Thomas Tuchel confirmed talks over Neymar’s exit were ongoing.

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