Real Madrid All-Time Top Scorers – The Top 10 Listed

Real Madrid All-Time Top Scorers

Who is the highest goal scorer for Real Madrid? How many goals did Ronaldo score in his career? These are questions begging for answer by Real fans. But not to worry, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of all that as I take you through this Real Madrid all-time top scorers’ article.

Real Madrid currently holds the record for the most European Cup/UEFA Champions League triumphs with 13 and the most La Liga titles with 33.

The club is also the most successful in international titles with 25, more than any team in the world.

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Now that brings us to how many goals does Ronaldo have for Real Madrid?

You should know that Real’s record appearance maker is Raúl, who made 741 appearances from 1994 to 2010 while Los Blancos’ record goalscorer is Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 450 goals in all competitions. So now you know who is the top scorer for Real Madrid. And by extension that also makes CR7 the highest goal scorer in Real Madrid history.

Did I hear you ask how many goals have Real Madrid scored this season? In this current season (2018/19) alone, a total of 63 goals were scored.

Here are Real Madrid top scorers last season (2018/19):

I could have given you the top scorers for this new season (2019/2020) as I update this article but won’t make much sense since the season is still on going.

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Real Madrid Top Scorers 2018/19

Karim Benzema

  • 3548 minutes played
  • 25 Goals scored
  • 8 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 102

Gareth Bale

  • 2431 minutes played
  • 14 Goals scored
  • 5 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 100

Sergio Ramos

  • 2654 minutes played
  • 7 Goals scored
  • 1 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 28


  • 1437 minutes played
  • 4 Goals scored
  • 2 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 23


  • 512 minutes played
  • 4 Goals scored
  • 0 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 20


  • 2821 minutes played
  • 4 Goals scored
  • 0 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 33

Luka Modric

  • 2797 minutes played
  • 4 Goals scored
  • 7 Assists
  • Total Shots on target 28

For those who care to know how many hat tricks has Ronaldo scored in his career, well, it’s a total of 48 hat tricks so far.

Without much ado let us look at 10 Real Madrid top scorers all time in the history of the club. All names on this list are Real Madrid legends and have scored loads of goals for Los Blancos.

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Competitive, professional matches only as of 16 February 2020.


10Emilio Butragueño1983–1995171 (463)
9Pirri1964–1979172 (561)
8Francisco Gento1952–1970182 (601)
7Hugo Sánchez1985–1992208 (282)
6Karim Benzema2009–present240 (497)
5Ferenc Puskás1958–1966242 (262)
4Santillana1971–1988290 (645)
3Alfredo Di Stéfano1953–1964308 (396)
2Raúl1994–2010323 (741)
1Cristiano Ronaldo2009–2018450 (438)

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Those are the 10 Real Madrid top scorers all time. I had to limit the list to 10 because any other scorer who has less than 40 goals doesn’t really help this article.

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