Rivers United, Enugu Rangers At Loggerheads Over Kehinde Adedidpe’s Transfer

Kehinde Adedidpe’s Transfer

Two Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) teams, Enugu Rangers and Rivers United, could be heading on a collision course over Kehinde Adedidpe’s transfer in the days ahead.

According to Goal, the Flying Antelopes have officially announced Adedidpe as one of their summer acquisitions and the player has been prominent in their pre-season games, Rivers United have sent out an official statement, insisting the midfielder remains a bonafide player with the club.

The Pride of Rivers also said in their official statement that no club has the right to register the talented midfielder for any competition without getting express permission from them.

“Our attention has been brought to reports in some sections of the media that our player Kehinde Adedipe is currently training with Nigeria Professional Football League club Enugu Rangers,” a part of the statement issued by Rivers United read.

“We wish to state that Adedipe remains a bonafide player of Rivers United and that no club  within or outside Nigeria is allowed to register him in domestic, continental or international competition without seeking his clearance from the owners of his economic rights Rivers United.”

With barely 20 days to the commencement of the new NPFL season, Stanley Eguma’s side have declared that Adedipe continues to be absent and has been indefinitely suspended.

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The man at the centre of the transfer scuffle, Adedipe, has hit the ground running with the Flying Antelopes as he was helpful in Rangers’ win in the Enugu State Super Cup recently.

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