Robert Mizo secures move to Al Hilal: A bittersweet farewell for NPFL’s Bayelsa Utd

Robert Mizo secures move to Al Hilal: A bittersweet farewell for NPFL’s Bayelsa Utd
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In a significant transfer development, NPFL‘s forward Robert Mizo has inked a three-and-a-half-year deal with Al Hilal, committing his prowess to the Libyan club until 2027.

The talented striker, who earned acclaim as the top scorer for the NPFL team Bayelsa United in 2023 with an impressive tally of 19 league goals, is poised to embark on a new chapter in his football journey.

The deal, finalized ahead of the weekend, is set to see Mizo don the Al Hilal jersey in the coming weeks.

However, before bidding farewell to the NPFL, Mizo is slated to showcase his skills one last time against Shooting Star (3SC) in a crucial fixture this weekend.

His impending departure has ignited mixed emotions within the Bayelsa United camp and among the fans.

Mizo's scoring prowess played a pivotal role in Bayelsa United's campaign last year.

As the NPFL club's top scorer, his departure leaves a significant void in the team's offensive strategy.

This predicament is further exacerbated by Bayelsa United finding themselves in a challenging position at the bottom of the league table.

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In a triumphant display of skill and excellence, he clinched the prestigious title of NPFL Best Player of the Year for 2023, solidifying his status as a standout performer in Nigerian football.

Additionally, his exceptional goal-scoring prowess earned him the accolade of NPFL Top Scorer of the Year for the same period, underlining his crucial contributions to his team's success.

Notably, he etched his name among the top 9 Nigerian goal scorers in 2023, further highlighting his remarkable impact on the domestic football scene.

NPFL top scorer Robert Mizo's move to Al Hilal sparks controversy

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The situation has sparked reactions from concerned fans, expressing their disappointment and apprehension about the timing of Mizo's departure.

One fan, expressing dissatisfaction, remarked, “This deal no sweet me at all, Bayelsa United need him at this moment.”

The sentiment reflects the collective concern about the impact Mizo's absence may have on the team's performance and standing in the league.

Despite the disappointment among Bayelsa United supporters, Mizo's move to Al Hilal signifies a significant milestone in his career.

The three-and-a-half-year deal not only opens up new opportunities for the Nigerian forward but also marks a testament to his skill and goal-scoring abilities, drawing attention from clubs beyond the domestic league.

Before officially joining Al Hilal, Mizo faces the task of navigating through visa issues, medical examinations, and other formalities.

The outcome of these procedures will determine the seamless transition to his new footballing adventure in Libya.

As Robert Mizo prepares to bid adieu to Bayelsa United and the NPFL, the football fraternity watches with anticipation, eager to witness how his skills will unfold in a new environment.

While Bayelsa United grapples with the void left by their top scorer, Mizo's journey to Al Hilal is a testament to the dynamic nature of football careers and the global appeal of talented players from the Nigerian league.

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