Football Match Played N@ked As Part Of Protest

Footballers in Germany have taken to the pitch in the nude as they protest against money in the game with numbers painted onto the bare backs of the players.

A game, held in the town of Oer-Erkenschwick in North Rhine-Westphalia, saw the two teams bare all, though socks were worn to represent the different teams.

It was a match organised by artist Gerrit Starczewski, who wanted to make a point against the commercialisation of world football.

“The football system is sick, that's why we all get naked,” the 34-year-old artist said.

“Everybody wants to have authenticity. But I think you are only particularly authentic if you do without all the other stuff, really everything, from the advertising banners to the clothing.

“With my nude actions, I also want to set an example for diversity and naturalness and against the dependence and influence of social media and false ideals of beauty.”

Players numbers were painted on the bare backs, while they were wearing boots and socks.

The match comes as an investigation into FIFA president Gianni Infantino continues.

Swiss prosecutors have launched legal proceedings against Infantino in relation to an alleged secret meeting FIFA held with Swiss attorney general Michael Lauber.

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Both men have denied any wrongdoing though there is regularly criticism around the way FIFA run the game.

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