Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Set For Second Arsenal Takeover Bid

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek saw his first Arsenal takeover bid of £1.8bn knocked back last month but the Swedish billionaire is now preparing a second offer to test the Kroenke's resolve.

This time round Ek is planning to increase his bid to £2bn after the unpopular Gunners owners told him that they “didn’t need the money” when he tried to buy the club last time.

But the billionaire's camp claim they “are not going anywhere and want to get a deal done”.

According to Daily Mail, Arsenal insiders have admitted they are expecting a second offer.

Ek went public to state that the offer included fan ownership, representation at board level and a golden share for supporters.

Gunners legends Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira are also backing the Swede's bid.

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Ek, himself a life-long Arsenal fan, received a glowing review from Henry who spoke highly of his plans for the Gunners.

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