Spotify’s Daniel Ek Net Worth And The Arsenal Takeover Deal

Co-founder of music platform Spotify, Daniel Ek, wants to take Arsenal from Stan Kroenke's, but how does the Swede's net worth compare to the American franchise owner?

Ek is a lifelong Arsenal supporter and nothing would delight Gunners fans more than if the Spotify co-founder managed to shake hands on a takeover deal from current owner.

The 38-year-old said on Twitter last week he would be “happy to throw my hat in the ring” if Kroenke's company KSE put the club on the market.

Ek's potential bid, reportedly worth £1.8billion, has received support from fans, Arsenal legends such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Arsene Wenger.

But how does Daniel Ek wet worth match up to the financial prowess of the Kroenke empire?

Kroenke, 73, wins hands down when it comes to a property portfolio that earns him a net worth of £5.9billion.

Arsenal is not the only sports team he owns as he has a franchise in each of the big American sports leagues.

He has controlling stakes in NBA basketball team the Denver Nuggets, American Football's Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Rapids in the MLS and ice hockey's Colorado Avalanche.

Kroenke is ranked at 308 on the Forbes rich list while Ek is further down at No.522 for his sole company Spotify, which he launched in 2006 with business partner Martin Lorentzon.

Ek has a £43million mansion in Stockholm but this is overshadowed compared to Kroenke's 1.4 million acres of ranches and a winery.

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The only way Ek could take the reins of Arsenal would be if he were to match the reported £2billion valuation.

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