The Battle for the UEFA Champions League Spot in Serie A

The Italian clubs always had a thing for the Champions League. One of the best moments in the Champions League was the 2005 final between AC Milan and Liverpool.

That legendary game will be remembered as the most nerve-cracking 90 minutes. Juventus have also been in the final two times in the last 5 years.

The elite competition really means a lot to the Italian teams, and they ready to fight for their spot in it.

Even though the Serie A winner is already declared, the run for the fourth spot in the league is still on.

AC Milan, Atalanta, Roma, Torino, and Lazio are the potential winners.

A lot of bets are being made as to who will reach the CL because the difference from 4th to 8th is 4 points.

By being that close to the qualification, betting fans have been placing their bets on the next runner-up.

The competition is tremendous and the odds are excellent.

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AC Milan

AC Milan has made a huge win when it comes to returning to the top 4. Considered as one of the best teams in Italy, they had a big fallout in recent years.

A lot of coaches were appointed, but none succeeded. Looks like Gattuso is finally putting the team back in order.

They bought Piątek in the winter transfer period, and he is definitely in shape. With just a couple of games left, can he help AC Milan win the CL spot for next year?


Atalanta’s recent form proves that they are serious in the quest for the CL. Having 8 games with no defeat is definitely an achievement and something to be fearful of.

Even the big teams like Napoli, Inter Milan, and Juventus have been struggling with Atalanta. Napoli lost, and Juventus and Inter came out with a draw.

The best clubs have a hard time with Atalanta, and it proves just how good they are.


Appointing Claudio Ranieri as a manager surely helps Roma in the fight. Having a pretty good score, with just 2 losses in the 7 matches definitely helps Roma to fight for the 4th place.

El Shaarawy and Edin Dzeko are making sure that the club’s goal difference is looking positive as they are rushing forward.


Juventus’ town rival is making a big surprise this year. Even though they do not have the best attack in the league, they do have one of the best defences.

In the last 14 games, Torino had only 2 losses, so the perfect score helps them to continue the fight.


Lazio is not letting up, despite the decline in their recent form.  Their last 2 seasons were so interesting since they lost the CL spot by just a couple of points.

The 2017/18 season, they were equalled with Inter Milan, but Inter Milan had the better spot. In the 2016/17 season, Atalanta made the cut, escaping by just 2 points ahead of Lazio.

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Maybe this year they will finally win the battle and get that spot.

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