Wayne Rooney Opens Up On How Farhad Moshiri ‘Forced Him Out Of Everton’

Wayne Rooney Opens Up On How Farhad Moshiri 'Forced Him Out Of Everton'

Wayne Rooney has spoken out about his departure from Goodison Park claiming Farhad Moshiri forced him out of the club.

Rooney spoke out to say it was not Sam Allardyce, who was the manager at the time, that wanted him to go but the Everton owner.

The former Toffees' striker returned to Goodison Park in July 2017 on a two-year contract from Manchester United – a club he joined from Everton 13 years prior.

The former Blues' striker had netted 11 goals by Christmas in his second spell at Everton but says he struggled to get a straight answer from the club over his future, as speculation on the subject increased.

“[Leaving] was the owner’s decision. He knew he was going to bring a lot of players in and wanted to free money up. That’s his decision but I’m disappointed how it happened, ”England’s record goalscorer told The Sunday Times.

“I started to think: ‘Is there something being said?’ So I went to see Sam [Allardyce]. I said ‘listen, I’m not a kid, what’s going on – do you want me or not?’

“Sam was the honest one. He said, ‘If I’m still here next season you might not play as much but I still want you’. But then he said: ‘I’m not sure the owner has the same opinion’. And trying to get an honest answer out of the owner took three months.

“I kept trying and trying. All I wanted was clarity. Even [current Everton boss] Marco Silva was surprised because before he came in he was told I was leaving – but that was before I was told I could leave.”

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