70 points/week can win the FPL in 2023-24

70 points/week can win the FPL in 2023-24
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The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has captured the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide, offering them a unique opportunity to become virtual managers of their own dream teams. With each new season, strategies evolve and trends emerge, shaping the way players approach the game.

As the 2023-24 FPL season approaches, a striking revelation has surfaced: achieving 70 points per week could be the key to claiming victory. Let's delve into this strategy and explore how it aligns with the historical data.

Consistency breeds triumph in FPL

Since the 2016-17 Fantasy PL season, every champion has achieved a total points haul exceeding 2500 points. This consistency showcases the importance of making astute player selections and tactical decisions over the course of the entire season.

By analyzing the winning strategies of previous seasons, we can glean valuable insights that can guide our approach for the upcoming campaign.

Averaging out FPL success

Delving into the statistics of the past seven FPL seasons, starting from 2016-17, reveals an interesting trend. The average points scored by the champion in each of these seasons amounts to approximately 69 points per game.

This realization serves as a foundation for the assertion that accumulating an average of 70 points per week could be the path to FPL glory in the 2023-24 season.

FPL winners list since 2016/17

  • 2022/23: Full Name: ALI JAHANGIROV; Team Name: FPL GUNZ; Points: 2,776
  • 2021/22: Full Name: JAMIE PIGOTT; Team Name: FUTBOL IS LIFE; Points: 2,844
  • 2020/21: Full Name: MICHAEL COONE; Team Name: TEDDY BEARS UTD; Points: 2,680
  • 2019/20: Full Name: JOSHUA BULL; Team Name: THE BULLDOZERS; Points: 2,557
  • 2018/19: Full Name: ADAM LEVY; Team Name: #THEYAREUS; Points: 2,659
  • 2017/18: Full Name: YUSUF SHEIKH; Team Name: YUSUF’S TEAM; Points: 2,512
  • 2016/17: Full Name: BEN CRABTREE; Team Name: FC CRAB DOGG; Points: 2,564

Why 70 Points in the FPL per week matters?

The significance of the 70 points per week threshold lies in its potential to bridge the gap between a good season and a championship-winning campaign. It represents a marginal gain that could make all the difference over the course of a grueling season.

By aiming to consistently hit this mark, managers can create a buffer against off weeks and unexpected player underperformances.

Unraveling the trend

The concept of achieving 70 points per week might appear ambitious at first glance. However, when we dissect the FPL trend observed over the last seven seasons, it becomes evident that this target is not only achievable but also strategic.

The consistency of champions accumulating around 69 points per game underlines the importance of maintaining a steady and reliable point output. By aiming for 70 points each week, FPL managers can capitalize on this proven strategy and align their decisions with the historical data.

Strategies for success in FPL

To reach the coveted 70-point weekly threshold in FPL, managers must focus on a combination of key strategies. These include:

Careful Player Selection

Identify FPL players who consistently contribute to their team's performance, both in terms of scoring goals and providing assists. Look for consistent performers across all positions to maximize point potential.

Captains and Vice-Captains

Choose captains and vice-captains who have favorable FPL fixtures and a track record of delivering points. Utilize double gameweeks to maximize captaincy returns (Triple Captain).

Fixture Analysis

Analyze the upcoming FPL fixtures to identify favorable matchups for your players. Strategically rotate players based on their fixtures to ensure a steady stream of points.

Stay Informed

Keep a close watch on FPL team news, injuries, and suspensions. Staying informed will help you make timely transfers and substitutions, preventing unnecessary point deductions.

Utilize Chips Wisely

Deploy your Fantasy Premier League chips, such as Bench Boost, Free hit, Wildcard, and Triple Captain, during favorable gameweeks to amplify your point haul.

The landscape of the Fantasy Premier League is ever-evolving, driven by data, trends, and strategies. As we approach the 2023-24 season, the insight that aiming for 70 points per week could be the winning formula adds a new layer of excitement and anticipation.

While achieving this feat may require careful planning, consistent decision-making, and a bit of luck, aligning with the historical FPL trend of champions' point accumulation is a sound strategy.

Aspiring Fantasy Premier League managers should embrace this approach and embark on their journey towards Fantasy Football game's glory with the confidence that consistency, backed by data, could be the ultimate game-changer.

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