Accessbet Mobile App Review 2024: Available for Android & iOS phones

Most bettors online have a preference for betting with the apps as opposed to the websites. Accessbet makes provision for an impressive app for both Android and iOS users. This article will be talking extensively about it.

Where to get the Accessbet mobile app?

You can download the Accessbet mobile app from the website or even the play store. Simply just navigate to the menu icon on the website and find the “Free Download” tab.

Accessbet mobile

Accessbet App Features

Let's look at some of the outstanding features that you get to enjoy from using the Accessbet mobile app.

Live Betting

The live betting feature on the Accessbet app gives you a chance to bet on games that are still active. Betting on live games at the Accessbet tends to go smoother due to proper optimization.

In this case, you are rarely going to experience lags in speed. This will ensure you meet up with the live bets before the odds experience any changes. You also get to enjoy the statistics feature with the Accessbet apk.

Cash Out

For most bettors, the cash-out feature has been a saving grace. The cash-out feature gives you a chance to take a part of your winnings from a slip that's likely to go south. With the Accessbet apk, the cash-out feature is even more optimized to operate faster.

When cashing out on live games, you are likely to have the feature disappear often on the site. With the app though, the cashout feature tends to operate faster. This reduces the chances of missing out on the possible cashout amount as a result of lags.


With the site, it is hard to get notified of the latest developments on the platform like promotions and the likes. To keep up with the happenings on the platform, you have to log in. However, this can cause you to miss out on time-specific offers that may not be active as at the time you log in. With the notification feature that comes with the Accessbet mobile app, this problem is sorted.


Sometimes on a matchday, you just want to get informed on scores of events that must have played that day. With the Livescore feature on the Accessbet app, you get to be kept abreast of scores for daily events. This can also come in handy while making predictions, as you can do everything in one place.


Making picks before betting requires research. Most bettors rely on statistics they get from other channels to inform their decision on what to bet on. With the Accessbet app, you can kill two birds with one stone as it allows you to check statistics on any team, whilst still offering odds to bet on them.

Accessbet Screenshots

In this section, we will be reviewing a few screenshots from the Accessbet app, to give you an idea of how navigation works on the website.

First Page

Accessbet mobile

This is what the first page of the Accessbet app looks like. Once you finish installing the app on your device, this is the first page you will be redirected to. As you can see from this page, all it takes to get started with anything on the site is to click on the “Home” tab.

Home Page

Accessbet app

After you click on the home tab on the first page, you will be redirected to this page above. The homepage for the app looks virtually the same as the website. If you are conversant with the website, you wouldn't struggle to navigate the Accessbet app. From this homepage, you can find all tabs that can direct you to perform different functions.


Accessbet apk

This is the FAQ page which holds solutions for the commonest problems you can face with the betting platform. All you just have to do to get to this page on the app is to click on the ‘Menu’ icon at the bottom of the homepage and validate to the FAQ icon.

This page should be your first point of call in the face of uncertainties on how to sort an issue. If you don't find solutions to whatever issue you are experiencing with the platform, you can contact Accessbet customer care.

Accessbet Other Apps

It is commonplace for other betting sites to have different apps for their sportsbook and casino. However, this is not the case with Accessbet. All you just need to download to get access to the platform's packages is one app. With the app, you can still take advantage of bonuses, using the Accessbet promo code just like on the website.

Accessbet App vs Bet9ja App

Here we will be comparing Accessbet App with one of the industry's finest, the Bet9ja app. In terms of ease of navigation, the Accessbet app tends to have a simpler user interface. However, this is not the case with the Bet9ja app which tends to look complicated and can be a struggle to navigate for new users.

On the other hand, Accesbet tends to feature brighter color themes (red, white, yellow) while Bet9ja features darker color themes (black and green). Bet9ja also requires its users to download two separate apps, since one app doesn't cover all of the packages they offer. This is not the case with Accessbet mobile as you only need to download one app. The Accessbet app tends to be faster than the Bet9ja app too when we use speed as a metric for comparison.

If we are to pick between the two apps, we would definitely pick the Accessbet app over the Bet9ja app. This is because the app seems to score more points in key areas like user interface, ease of navigation, and speed.

Accessbet apk


Accessbet reinforces itself as a force to reckon with in the Nigerian betting scene with the excellent app that they have provided. One interesting thing about Accessbet is that they mirror their app to look almost exactly like the website. This way, it is not a struggle to figure out how to operate the app if you are very savvy with the website.

The app comes correct with certain features like the cashout, live streaming lives to chat, and a lot more which tends to spice up your betting experience. To go with, there are several Accessbet bonuses for new and existing users to look forward to as well.

Also, with the app, you are assured of speed. If you have experienced lags with the website, you are more likely to be satisfied with your experience on the website.

One area that needs to be worked on as it pertains to the app is the availability of casino options, as there are few games under that category to explore.

The Accessbet app also needs to make provision of the live streaming feature which is readily available on most of the popular betting apps out there today.

Regardless, the Accessbet app is one that's almost infallible given the vast range of packages it comes with. We rate it 97% and highly recommend it.


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