African Football League: Watch Wydad AC vs Enyimba live

African Football League: Watch Wydad AC vs Enyimba live
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Wydad AC vs Enyimba live is due on Thursday, October 26, with the People's Elephant looking to overturn an embarrassing 0-1 first-leg deficit.

The North Africans are confident of securing their first-leg victory and are poised to ensure Enyimba crashes out of the competition at the first stage.

Wydad AC vs Enyimba live second leg tie promises to be intriguing with the People's Elephant backs against the wall.

The second leg tie was for Wednesday but postponed till Thursday.

The postponement was because Enyimba could not fly to Casablanca on Monday night as planned because the Moroccan authorities did not grant them a landing permit for their chartered aircraft.

Enyimba have not had a solid start to the season, with their continental exertions taking their toll on the side.

So, what do we expect from the Wydad AC vs Enyimba live on Thursday?

Wydad AC vs Enyimba live: The People's Elephant talks tough.

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Enyimba have their backs against the wall as they take on Wydad Athletic Club. They must find a way to pull their chestnuts out of the fire after an embarrassing first-leg defeat.

We'll still address that embarrassment again.

The goalkeeper and captain of Enyimba Olorunleke Ojo has been talking tough ahead of the match.

Ojo said they did not come to Morocco for sightseeing but on a mission.

In a statement culled from Twitter, Ojo said they came to Morocco to achieve victory. The goalkeeper believes the team is ready, confident, and has spoken together.

According to the goalkeeper, the team faced difficulties and challenges before coming to Morocco, referring to the Moroccan authorities not granting them a landing permit.

He opines that Enyimba is a professional side and can't complain.

Ojo finished by saying the team is in Morocco to win and qualify. They want to defeat Wydad just as they did in the first leg.

The coach of the team, Finidi George, echoed the thoughts of his goalkeeper.

With the Wydad AC vs Enyimba live a make-or-mar match for the People's Elephant, Finidi said they are battle-ready for the Moroccan side.

In a statement ahead of the game, Finidi said if the match was on Wednesday, he would have complained of inadequate rest.

With the tie shifted to Thursday, it has given them ample time to prepare for the tie.

He continued that they have a young side with dreams, and they were in Morocco to achieve victory and continue their AFL campaign.

Wydad AC vs Enyimba live: A first-leg show of shame

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The first-leg Wydad AC vs Enyimba live was a show of shame, with Enyimba serving what portrayed them as less than a professional side.

Enyimba found themselves in a quandary during the first leg. They found themselves involved in the misregistration of Innocent Gabriel.

Enyimba registered the player as number three instead of number five before finding out he could not play with a new registration.

The People's Elephant had to go for a quick fix as CAF insisted that Gabriel could not get on the pitch in an improper outfit.

The team secretary was saddled on the team secretary, but Enyimba, as a club, must take responsibility for the embarrassment.

The Aba warlords must avoid another embarrassment during the second leg of the Wydad AC vs Enyimba live.

Where to watch Wydad AC vs Enyimba live

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If you are in Nigeria, there are several places to watch the Wydad AC vs Enyimba live.

BeIN Sports has the TV rights for the African Football League in the Middle East and North Africa.

Football fans in Nigeria, Morocco and worldwide will be able to watch the second Leg of Wydad AC vs Enyimba live through BeIN Sports.

Egypt's OnTime Sports has also secured rights for the African Football League.

The sports channels sector of the United Media Services network has successfully acquired the TV broadcasting rights for the African Football League matches.

They will air the second leg of Wydad AC vs Enyimba live.

Live streaming platforms

Several sites will also stream the Wydad AC vs Enyimba Live.


The FIFA site will stream the match live on Thursday evening. The game would come in English and French commentaries. will also stream the match live.

So gird up your loins for a roller coaster ride with Enyimba as they try to overturn a first-leg defeat.

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