Ajax Leaked New Third Kit Pays Tribute To Reggae Legend Bob Marley

Ajax next season’s third kit has been leaked, revealing it will pay tribute to reggae legend Bob Marley.

The link between the Dutch team and the Jamaican musician comes through Ajax’s use of Marley’s song Three Little Birds as an unofficial club anthem.

According to Footy Headlines, the Dutch giants will now honour Marley as a result in their third kit for next season.

Photos of the shirt have been leaked, showing just how the club plan to honour their anthem’s creator.

 Ajax Leaked Third Kit Tribute Bob Marley

The three Adidas stripes around the shoulders will be in red, green, and yellow, with three little birds appearing to be on the neck.

The colours of the Jamaican flag will also appear on the collar of the new shirt, which is mostly black.

Another tribute towards Marley is that the three stars on the Ajax badge, which signify the fact that they have won more than 30 league titles, will also be in red, yellow and green.

 Ajax Leaked Third Kit Tribute Bob Marley

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Ajax currently do not have a third kit, instead playing in their regular red and white home shirt.

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