Algeria vs South Africa: Player ratings

Algeria vs South Africa: Player ratings
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As the clash between Algeria and South Africa unfolded, both teams showcased their prowess on the pitch, each player contributing to the intense battle for supremacy.

In this analysis, we delve into the performances of the individual players from both sides, assigning ratings based on their contributions, skills, and effectiveness throughout the match.

From goalkeepers to forwards, every player's performance is scrutinized to provide a comprehensive assessment of their impact on the game.

Join us as we evaluate and rate the players who graced the field in the exhilarating encounter between Algeria and South Africa.

Algeria vs South Africa: As it happened

Bafana Bafana vs Algeria
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Bafana Bafana and Algeria served up a thrilling spectacle in their friendly clash held on Tuesday at Stade Nelson Mandela, with the match ending in a dramatic 3-3 draw.

The encounter saw both sides exchanging goals in a captivating display of attacking football.

Algeria opened the scoring twice through Yacine Benzia, who found the back of the net in the 22nd and 70th minutes, showcasing their offensive prowess.

However, South Africa responded resiliently, with Thulani Zwane notching two goals for his side in the 34th and 45+5th minutes, ensuring the teams entered the halftime break on level terms.

The second half saw Algeria regain the lead courtesy of Yacine Brahimi's strike in the 53rd minute, but South Africa fought back once again, with Ian Rayners equalizing in the 66th minute to salvage a well-deserved draw.

The match statistics reflected the closely contested nature of the game, with both teams registering similar numbers in key areas.

Algeria edged slightly in possession with 47%, while South Africa boasted a marginally higher pass accuracy of 86%.

Fouls were evenly distributed between the two sides, with Algeria receiving one yellow card compared to South Africa's two.

Overall, the match provided an enthralling spectacle for fans, showcasing the talent and competitive spirit of both teams.

Algeria vs South Africa: Player ratings

South Africa

Bafana Bafana's players put on an impressive display, showcasing their skills and determination on the field.

Thulani Zwane stood out with a commendable performance, earning a rating of 4.4 for his impactful contributions to the team's attacking efforts.

Ian Rayners also delivered a noteworthy performance, earning a rating of 3.8 for his efforts on the pitch.

In midfield, Teboho Mokoena and Thabang Monare exhibited solid performances, both earning ratings of 3.9 for their efforts in controlling the tempo of the game and distributing the ball effectively.

On the defensive end, Siyanda Xulu and Rushine Williams provided stability at the back, earning ratings of 3.8 and 3.7, respectively.

Overall, South Africa's players displayed commendable teamwork and skill, earning them a respectable draw against a tough opponent like Algeria.

South Africa's substitutes made significant contributions to the game against Algeria, showcasing their talent and versatility.

K. Mayo, wearing #10, earned a rating of 2.6 for his performance off the bench. Meanwhile, G. Margeman, #12, demonstrated his skill and effectiveness, earning a respectable rating of 3.6.

G. Mosele, donning #14, also made his presence felt on the pitch, earning a rating of 3.3 for his contributions.

E. Mokwana, #17, stood out with an impressive performance, earning a high rating of 4.0, showcasing his ability to impact the game positively.

Lastly, T. Morena, wearing #23, displayed skill and composure, earning a rating of 3.6 for his efforts.

Overall, South Africa's substitutes played a crucial role in the match, injecting energy and quality into the team's performance.

Player Rating
Rayners 3.8
Appolis 3.7
Zwane 4.4
Mayambela 3.6
Monare 3.7
Mokoena 4.1
Modiba 3.9
Kekana 3.9
Xulu 3.5
Mobbie 3.3
Williams 3.8


Bafana Bafana vs Algeria lineups
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Algeria's performance in the friendly against South Africa saw some standout individual displays, reflected in their player ratings.

In goal, M. Zeghba put in a solid effort, earning a rating of 3.3 for his contributions between the posts.

The defensive line, featuring Van Den Kerkhof, A. Mandi, M. Madani, and R. Aït-Nouri, displayed resilience and organization, with each player earning ratings of 3.5, 3.7, 3.7, and 4.2, respectively.

In midfield, N. Bentaleb and H. Aouar showcased their skill and creativity, earning ratings of 3.5 and 3.9, respectively, while Y. Benzia, Y. Brahimi, and M. Amoura led the attacking charge with impressive performances, earning ratings of 4.4, 4.3, and 4.3, respectively.

Finally, B. Bounedjah contributed to the attack and received a rating of 3.6 for his efforts. Overall, Algeria's players displayed commendable teamwork and individual prowess, contributing to an entertaining and competitive match.

Algeria's substitutes made significant impacts during the friendly match against South Africa, with each player demonstrating their value to the team.

R. Zerrouki (#6) earned a commendable rating of 3.7 for his performance, showcasing his versatility and contribution to midfield stability.

S. Benrahma (#10) excelled after coming on, earning a high rating of 4.3. His creativity and skill on the ball posed a constant threat to the opposition defense.

J. Hadjam (#13) made a notable contribution, receiving a rating of 3.8 for his efforts. His presence added depth to Algeria's attacking options and helped maintain momentum.

A. H. Moussa (#26) had a standout performance off the bench, earning a rating of 4.3. His impactful playmaking and goal-scoring ability significantly influenced the outcome of the match.

A. Kendouci (#28) demonstrated his capabilities with a rating of 3.8, contributing positively to Algeria's midfield control and defensive efforts.

M. Bakrar (#30) provided stability and composure in the latter stages of the game, earning a rating of 3.7 for his solid performance. Overall, Algeria's substitutes played a vital role in maintaining the team's competitiveness and securing a commendable result in the match against South Africa.

Player Rating
M. Zeghba 3.3
Van Den Kerkhof 3.5
A. Mandi 3.7
M. Madani 3.7
R. Aït-Nouri 4.2
N. Bentaleb 3.5
H. Aouar 3.9
Y. Benzia 4.4
Y. Brahimi 4.3
M. Amoura 4.3
B. Bounedjah 3.6

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