Angry Football Fan Uses Car To Run Over Referee

Football Fan Run Over Referee

A third division match in South Africa descended into mayhem when one fan got in his car and attempted to run over the referee

During a match in the third division match in South Africa, a supporter became so irate at the result.

So angry, in fact, he got in his SUV and drove onto the pitch aiming for the referee and officials.

The unidentified man then turned the vehicle to the bench and footage showed players frantically get out of the way.

Somehow, no one was hit during the match between Luka Ball Controllers and Polokwane City Rovers.

The South African Football Association (SAFA) insisted the home side will be charged for breaching player and official's safety regulations.

The incident occurred with the away team 2-1 up with 15 minutes to go.

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One player sustained facial injuries trying to get out of the way after falling in his chair while Makara admitted that the incident was reported to the police.

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