Anthony’s Girlfriend Narrates Horror Tale; Brings Flashbacks of Hakimi’s Dark Past

Anthony’s Girlfriend Narrates Horror Tale; Brings Flashbacks of Hakimi’s Dark Past
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Gabriela Cavallin, the ex-girlfriend of Manchester United forward Antony, has come out to shed more light on the domestic abuse and threat-to-life accusations on the forward, bringing back memories of Achraf Hakimi, who currently finds himself in a similar situation.

Earlier in June, Cavallin, who reportedly dated the former Ajax forward between 2021 and 2022, submitted pieces of evidence of domestic abuse from her relationship with the 23-year-old Brazil international which she claimed happened in a span of one year.

Antony and Man United have not commented on the issue until now but Cavallin has come out to talk more about it while investigations are ongoing. In the same vein, African football star Achraf Hakimi has faced a charged of his own but continues to claim that he was ‘set up’ and is not guilty of the offences linked to his name.

Cavallin makes media appearance to shed light on domestic abuse case

Gabriela Cavallin, a social media influencer and disc jockey, was advised to go for medical checkups in order to aid the investigation. It is unknown if she did so, but at the time of this report, it is understood that the police in Brazil are investigating the allegations in conjunction with police in Manchester, where some of the incidents were alleged to have taken place.

The silence from all parties was broken by the victim, Cavallin, who went on air to shed more light on the accusations. She appeared in a TV interview with Portuguese sports outlet UOL Esporte where she talked about her time with Antony in very graphic detail.

She alleged that after Antony found out about her plans to leave the relationship, he attacked her further and threatened to kill himself, her and their son. She said: “He attacked me, shoved me against the door (of the car). There, I said to myself: ‘It's over'.

“He broke my suitcase, took my handbag, my passport. He broke my mobile phone, he wouldn't let me go. I was a prisoner from 10 PM to almost 3.30 AM. I call it private captivity. I just wanted to get out of there and he told me that I wouldn't leave until I erased everything. I think his mother called his physiotherapist and asked for help. No one could control it.”

Cavallin also said that they lost a baby during pregnancy due to his abuse, describing it as “the greatest sadness of my life and also the greatest guilt”.

Achraf Hakimi: Rape case remains ongoing

As Antony’s case continues to unravel, African football fans can recall that PSG and Morocco star Achraf Hakimi is currently stuck in a similar situation of his own. Earlier in March this year, Hakimi was accused by a 24-year-old woman, who claimed the African football star raped her at his home.

In her statement, which she made on the 26th of February, she claimed that on the 16th January, she started talking to the player via Instagram and it was not until the night of 25 February that they decided to meet. Hakimi reportedly sent her an Uber to pick her up and take her to his home.

The statement says that, “at the footballer's house is where things got out of control. Achraf kissed her on the mouth, lifted her clothes and kissed her breasts despite her refusal”. She also claims that the athlete “performed vaginal touching despite, again, her resistance”.

The rape allegations also saw Hiba Abouk, Hakimi's partner, file for divorce, in a piece of news that caused much controversy among football fans. At the moment, Hakimi remains free, but under police surveillance and will still testify again until the case is fully dismissed. However, the PSG star has always maintained that the accusation was false and all a ‘set up’ against him.

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