Arsenal Football News: The Ambiguity In The Squad Under Unai Emery

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While Jeremy Cragger thought Unai Emery made Arsenal a mess and failure, Guy Nevin said that the leader deserves more respect. The two Sky Sports commentators had different views about the Spanish coach's tenure at Arsenal on Monday Night Football, which aired for three days before Unai Emery was officially fired by Arsenal. 

Unai Emery was officially fired by Arsenal after 3 days of Monday Night Football broadcast.

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  1.  The cause of Emery dismissal

On all fronts, compared to the tough draw at home with Southampton, Arsenal has only won 1 in the last 8 matches. The failure to win against Watford, Sheffield United and Burnley has made the supporters of the “gunner” angry and demanded the dismissal of the Spanish strategist.

Cragger said that Unai Emery's strategy is the cause for Arsenal's decline. He could not meet the expectations of the leadership and ambition to attend the Champions League.

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Arsenal lost to Watford and Emery did not meet the expectations of joining the Champions League is what the commentator put forward to explain Emery's dismissal.

2. Looking back on what Emery has done for Arsenal 

However, Guy Nevin has insisted, the 48-year-old deserves more respect for his recorded achievements and Emery could not suddenly become a bad coach.

Jeremy Cragger commented: “Remember the first Monday Night Football show last season, when Gary and I argued over Emery, Gary's point was to be consistent about our truth, while I always saw, every time Coaches can adapt at each stage. 

Unai Emery could not adapt, he created confusion in the team, ambiguity in front of the crowd, the players, and himself. The match against Southampton has almost summed up what Unai has done over the course of 18 months at Arsenal.”

Jeremy Cragger continued: “Arsenal scored the goal because they had top strikers and were conceded again. We see them develop the team from the bottom up again and lack the goal. They took more than 20 shots in almost every match and the coach had to change the diagram.

Since the start of last season, the team led by Unai Emery has been at the top of the Premier League with the number of players used and the number of substitutions before the second half started”. Here's what you expect in a team in the bottom half of the standings, which is a constant turmoil and change.

3. Numbers under coach Emery

SkySports statistics show that Arsenal under Unai Emery regularly uses 4: 2: 3: 1 diagram with 14 times, besides 14 times using the diagram with 4 defenders, 15 times using the 3 defender diagrams. This has been said by Jeremy Cragger as the main cause of ambiguity at Arsenal.

The figures in the tactics that Emery has put Arsenal have gone too far with long days of darkness.

4. Is Emery really an excellent coach?

“At the moment, I think, Emery is not a Champion League-sized coach, he is more suitable in the Europa League. A great career with what he did but maybe that's not what Arsenal needs”.- Jeremy Cragger said.

Meanwhile, Guy Nevin has taken the opposite view of Jeremy Cragger: In Spain, his reputation is so good, it is unbelievable what is happening.

It is true that he did not complete the task here with the unfinished Champions League. However, working in such a stressful environment, under such fastidious employers, he is an excellent coach.

5. Whose responsibility is that?

Instead, Nevin feels the responsibility of the Arsenal players. “The first goal they had to admit was horrible like it was beyond the coach's control.”

“There is nothing you can do if the players did that when you had a great coach who worked at the highest level and then suddenly ran into problems at a club. You can't just think that he suddenly turned into a bad coach, there are certainly deep causes for why things don't go right.”

Nevin continued: “At this moment, I think the management of the team has had huge divisions, they saw what happened at Manchester United after Ole Gunnar Sol and they had a similar era. Manchester United were unable to win the tournament when they fired David Moist and that was a prime example for Arsenal.

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Whose responsibility is that? This will be an open question that commenters and fans of this team are hard to answer.

6. The endless debate between Jeremy Cragger and Guy Nevin

Guy Nevin said: “I think the Arsenal leadership is in a difficult situation, they don't know what to do, my opinion is that when they fall into a divided situation, that's just what we get. Listen. They won't make a decision right now. You let everything happen, you are sure that you can only trust your original decision.”

“Up to a point, you know for sure what you will do to make it successful and not cope with the past.” However, Jeremy Cragger insists that Emery should be judged against what he has done at Arsenal rather than what he has achieved in the past.

And here is what Jeremy said about Unai: “Arsenal fans are not interested in what he has done in the past but only in what they have seen at Arsenal in the last 18 months”.

“It is hard to say that he is a great coach, no good coach who allows his team to receive 20-25 finishing shots per game. A good coach must find a way to change that and prevent it from happening.”

The next comment made by Cragger: “I know David Louis and Jordan Tick are not great players but the easiest thing in training is to arrange a defensive line-up”.

The difficult thing is to set up a squad structure, create opportunities and create attacks. To me, I don't think, Emery can stop that”. 

7. What is the final outcome Arsenal will have to accept? 

Finally, three days after this talk, Arsenal officially fired Emery. Arsenal's poor run of form will undoubtedly have a place in Emery's list of the darkest moments during his career.

He will continue to work and find ways to fix problems at another team. Emery's departure will likely bring him peaceful moments, allowing him to enjoy private dinners without a single thing in his mind.

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Arsenal with a string of poor form had to pay a heavy price by suffering consecutive defeat and the dismissal of Emery was inevitable.


And according to you, the recent Arsenal poor performance comes from the coach Unai Emery or from the Arsenal players? Please leave your comments in the section below! Thank you all, see you in the next post.

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