Artist Crafts Lionel Messi’s Portrait With Rice

An artist has shared a video showing an incredible artwork of Lionel Messi completely made of fried rice, showcasing his talent.

Shared on Instagram by FC Barcelona’s official account, the clip may leave you saying wow multiple times.

The video, originally shared by the creator Alissa on her Insta page Fried rice art, shows her creating a portrait of the Barcelona forward.

The clip starts with Alissa throwing a board full of rice in the air in such a manner that it takes the perfect shape of Messi.

Take a look at the video:

Shared on March 29, the clip has garnered over 13.4 million views and tons of comments. People were delighted to see the incredible artwork.

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While some praised the accurate depiction of the popular football player, others couldn’t stop pointing out how much patience and precision it took to make the art.

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