Beyond Oshoala: The Best Super Falcons at the Women’s World Cup

Beyond Oshoala: The Best Super Falcons at the Women’s World Cup
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Discover the key players who will lead Nigeria's Super Falcons at the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.

As the anticipation builds for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, all eyes are on the Super Falcons and the key players who will carry their hopes and dreams on the global stage.

With a rich history in women's football and a legacy of remarkable performances, Nigeria's Super Falcons are preparing to showcase their skill, resilience, and determination once again.

Onome Ebi

Super Falcons captain Onome Ebi is set to compete in her sixth Women's World Cup at the age of 40. Despite criticism, Ebi remains focused and is considered a vital part of the Nigerian team. Known for her defensive skills, she has also become a threat during set pieces.

Ebi's contributions to the Nigerian team extend beyond her defensive capabilities. Regarded as a rock at the back, she exerts a stabilising influence on her teammates, guiding and motivating them on and off the pitch.

Having dedicated two decades to the sport, Ebi's experience and skill have made her an integral part of the Nigerian national team. Ebi's experience and influence make her an invaluable mentor to younger players. Her career showcases the importance of dedication and perseverance, and she continues to inspire others.

In addition to her defensive prowess, Ebi has evolved into a threat during set-piece situations. Her aerial ability and anticipation make her a force to be reckoned with in the opposing penalty area. Ebi's presence on attacking set-pieces adds another dimension to Nigeria's game, creating scoring opportunities for her team.

Rasheedat Ajibade

Rasheedat Ajibade is known for her skills as an attacking midfielder or deep-lying forward. With her distinct blue hair, she captivates fans with her dazzling footwork and the ability to navigate challenging situations on the field.

She has earned the title of ‘The Girl With The Blue Hair' and has proven her ability to navigate through challenging situations with grace and finesse.

Ajibade is recognised as one of the most complete players in Africa, excelling in both the attacking and defensive aspects of the game. She has won the Nigerian Freestyle Championship and showcases flair, creativity, and defensive contributions.

This unique skill set allows her to showcase flair and creativity during matches, leaving opponents bewildered by her unpredictable moves.

Considered one of the most complete players in Africa, Ajibade excels not only in attacking positions but also in defensive contributions. She can win tackles and make interceptions, making her an asset to her team in both offensive and defensive situations.

As a playmaker for Atletico Madrid, she orchestrates attacks and sets up her teammates for success. Ajibade's talent, work ethic, and versatility make her a key star in Nigerian football and a player to watch.

Asisat Oshoala

Asisat Oshoala is considered among Africa's greatest female footballers of all time. With her strength, skill, and goal-scoring ability, she has achieved remarkable success.

She is equally comfortable with her back-to-goal and can unleash powerful shots that trouble opposing goalkeepers.

Oshoala has won the CAF African Women's Footballer of the Year five times and has been instrumental in Barcelona's success, including two UEFA Women's Champions League titles.

Her confidence and leadership inspire her team and she believes Nigeria can win major titles.

“Personally, I feel like we have a good team and if everything is being done right, we can go very far at the upcoming World Cup,” Oshoala said.

“This is because regardless of whatever, we are still going to go out there fighting, do our job and see what we can achieve.”

Oshoala's talent and ambition make her a revered figure in African football. Oshoala's success can be attributed to her combination of physical attributes, technical ability, and goal-scoring prowess.

Her consistent performances on the field have established her as a key player for both club and country. Oshoala's determination, work rate, and skill set her apart, making her a player to be feared by opponents.

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