Best FPL team for Gameweek 11: Triple-captain Haaland

Best FPL team: Haaland triple captain option
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When it comes to assembling the best FPL team for any given gameweek, managers are always on the lookout for the ideal combination of players who can deliver the maximum points haul.

As Gameweek 11 of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) approaches, one name stands out as a potential game-changer: Erling Haaland.

The Norwegian sensation has been in scintillating form, and some astute FPL managers are contemplating the use of their triple captain chip on him.

In this article, we will dissect what could be the best FPL team for Gameweek 11, with a spotlight on the enticing prospect of triple captaining Haaland.

Best FPL team for Gameweek 11

Most transfers for Gameweek 11

Most Transfers In Number of Transfers In Most Transfers Out Number of Transfers Out
Nketiah (ARS) 226,536 Isak (NEW) 246,028
Mbeumo (BRE) 198,150 Udogie (TOT) 188,789
Douglas Luiz (AVL) 194,785 Neto (WOL) 177,160
Son (TOT) 166,720 Odegaard (ARS) 169,556
Andersen (CRY) 164,500 Estupinan (BHA) 140,299

Monitoring player transfers in and out is essential in FPL. It helps managers spot popular transfers in, indicating potential price rises, and heavily-sold players likely to drop in price.

Note that listed prices exclude any sell-on fee. To check your purchase price, use the transfer page's list view.

Also, be aware that a 50% (rounded up to the nearest £0.1m) sell-on fee is applied to profits when selling a player, affecting their selling price.

Staying informed about these dynamics is crucial for smart FPL management.

Best FPL team: Key players

  • Haaland
  • Salah
  • Son
  • Maddison
  • Watkins
  • Bowen

Best FPL team: Key fixtures

  • Manchester City vs. Bournemouth
  • Luton vs. Liverpool
  • Nottingham vs. Aston Villa

Best FPL team: Top Goalkeepers

  • Matt Turner (4.1m, Nottingham Forrest)
  • Areola (4.3m, West Ham)
  • Sánchez (4.6m, Chelsea)
  • Alisson (5.6m, Liverpool)

Best FPL team: Defenders

  • Cash (5.1m, Aston Villa)
  • Gabriel (4.7m, Arsenal)
  • Andersen (5m, Crystal Palace)
  • Schar (5.2m, Newcastle)

Best FPL team: Midfielders

  • Mitoma (6.5m, Brighton)
  • Mbeumo (6.6m, Brentford)
  • Maddison (8.1m, Spurs)
  • Salah (12.8m, Liverpool)
  • Saka (8.5m, Arsenal)

Best FPL team: Forwards

  • Watkins (8.4m, Aston Villa)
  • Haaland (14m, Manchester City)
  • Nketiah (5.6m, Arsenal)
  • Darwin (7.5m, Liverpool)

Best differentials

In the context of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), a “differential” is a term that holds significant value for savvy managers.

It refers to a player who is not widely selected by other FPL managers but possesses the potential to deliver outstanding performances.

These differentials are often overlooked gems, and their inclusion in your FPL team can provide a crucial edge over your competition.

When successfully identifying and selecting differentials, FPL managers can reap the rewards of unique point-scoring opportunities that set them apart in the competitive landscape of fantasy football.

These players can be hidden treasures waiting to make a significant impact and differentiate your team from the masses.

  • Johnstone (4.5m, Crystal Palace)
  • Emerson (4.5m, West Ham)
  • Dunk (5.0m, Brighton)
  • Szoboszlai (7.1m, Liverpool)

Best FPL team GW 11: Captain

  • Haaland vs Bournemouth(H): 1st Option, triple captain contender
  • Salah vs Luton(A)
  • Maddison vs Chelsea(H)

As we assess the players predicted to score the highest overall in the upcoming fixtures, one name stands out prominently: Erling Haaland.

With a home game against Bournemouth on the horizon, he emerges as a standout captaincy option for FPL managers, given his exceptional goal-scoring form.

Additionally, Tottenham Hotspur boasts two representatives in the top five potential point-scorers, namely Heung-min Son and James Maddison, as they prepare for a home game against league leaders Chelsea.

Mohamed Salah also features among the top captaincy choices as Liverpool faces Luton away, further solidifying the depth of quality options available to FPL managers in the upcoming fixtures.

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