Cityzens Set For Record-breaking 10th Straight Win in 2021

Pep guardiola's Cityzens set for a record-breaking victory over an Everton side, lacking in form.

The Cityzens first win which set them on the path to their 10th straight win this year, was a 3-1 trumping over Chelsea.

Ever since then, Manchester City have gone on a relentless run of nine straight league wins in 2021, beating any opposition with ease including a 4-1 win over Liverpool and a most recent 3-0 dispatching of Tottenham.

Facing an Everton side who have just won just one of their last 14 premier league matches against them, Man City will surely target a 10th straight win.

Manchester City are currently tied on the record of nine, set by Sir Alex and Man United in 2009 and can become the first team to win their first 10 premier league matches of a calendar year.

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Manchester United later went on to win the league title that year

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Considering Guardiola's high rate of squad rotation, it would be unlikely to know who would start in the number 9 position against Everton.

If Gabriel Jesus gets some minutes of the match and eventually scores, he would be the first player to score in six straight appearances against Everton in the PL.

This leaves Manchester's Cityzens set for a record-breaking win and Gabriel Jesus, a record of his own.

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