CR7 Reacts Strangely When Dybala Told Him How Much Argentines Hate Him

CR7 Reacts Strangely When Dybala Told Him How Much Argentines Hate Him

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has dominated football for the past decade and he’s loved by many and loathed by others, and it seems it's the latter in his Juventus team-mate Paulo Dybala's home country of Argentina.

The Portuguese laughed at Juventus team-mate Paulo Dybala when he told him he is “hated” in his country of Argentina.

Ronaldo started his career at Sporting Lisbon before moving to Manchester United, he then moved to Real Madrid, where he won a further four Champions League trophies, before finally arriving in Turin.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner recently had a conversation with Dybala, who is a compatriot of Ronaldo's long-term rival Lionel Messi.

And Dybala told Ronaldo that he isn't particularly liked in Argentina – in fact he's “hated”.

But if Dybala thought the news would come as a surprise to CR7, he was sorely mistaken, with the 35-year-old merely laughing in the face of the comment.

Dybala told the Argentine national team website: “On a personal level, I was surprised for good because I did not know him, none of us knew anything about him.

“Even in the previous Champions League we were knocked out against Real Madrid and there had been many crosses.

“But then we found something else, he is an excellent guy, very sociable and friendly inside and outside the locker room.

“Always ready to talk, to listen, that surprised me, being an important figure, they are not always like that.

“Once I sat down to talk to him, we were traveling. I said ‘look, if I'm honest, we in Argentina hate you a bit, because of your personality, your way of being, then you really surprised me because I found something else'.

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“He laughed because he said ‘I know that's the way it is, but I know how I am, I'm used to being criticised for that'.”

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