Cristiano Ronaldo to Man Utd: Why Real Madrid deal won’t happen

Cristiano Ronaldo to Man Utd: Why Real Madrid deal won’t happen

According to journalist and author Jimmy Burns, Cristiano Ronaldo is not likely to return to Manchester United notwithstanding last night’s transfer bolt from the blue.

Ronaldo helped Real Madrid to their fourth Champions League title in five seasons last night as Zinedine Zidane’s side beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev.

But the Portuguese surprised the football world after the game as he told reporters that he has enjoyed playing for Real, suggesting that he’s planning on leaving the club.

Speculation about his future has been widespread and ex-club United have once against been publicized as a potential destination.

But Burns is concerned that a return to the Premier League could tarnish his United legacy and he believes it could be a trick to get an improved contract at the Bernabeu.

“It’s probably more to do with raising his salary as often happens and getting the media involved with speculation whether he’s going to move or not.

“There was a lot of speculation towards the end of last season that he might move and he was getting cheesed off with not being respected enough at Real Madrid.

“I think given that Cristiano is 33 he’s of arguably at his peak and it would be quite difficult moving to a highly competitive Premier League in a big club like Manchester United.

“Or returning to it where the memories of the fans are very much the young teenager Ronaldo, who played in a friendly against Man U in Sporting Lisbon’s stadium and wowed them all.

“And then he played the first game against Bolton and again wowed them all because he was so different.

“It was that energy of youth and excitement, of seeing something which no-one had expected.

“I think it would be a tough act to follow that but I don’t rule it out,” he exclusively told Starsport.

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