Cristiano Ronaldo’s Female Neighbour’ Reveals All Their Ordeals Together

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Female Neighbour

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Cristiano Ronaldo resides next to a lady called Elizabeth Borel, whose dad, Felice ‘Farfallino’, was a part of the Italy squad who won the World Cup back in 1934.

The 35-year-old star has been described as the “ideal neighbour” by the woman who lives next door to the Portuguese icon.

Ronaldo lives with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez in Turin, Italy after the Juventus forward made the switch from Real Madrid back in 2018.

And Ronaldo’s neighbour could not be more complementary of the way he lives his life.

She said: “A lot of silence, no parties. I’ve never seen cars pass by our private road.

“I often see him at the wheel of a Rolls-Royce. We see him pass every day, with tinted windows. But in the garage of his house he also has sports cars, like a Lotus.

“He has a beautiful indoor pool and a small garden. and well taken care of with colourful flowers.

“I see Cristiano Junior often wandering with his skateboard, up and down the street that leads to our homes, always with the bodyguards behind. Like the mother, Georgina, also followed by a babysitter who helps her with both cars – one double for the twins and one individual.”

Ronaldo has four children, with the youngest just two years old.

And although Elizabeth, better known as Betty, revealed she has seen eldest child Cristiano Jr a number of times, she also said he is often not at the house.

“Cristiano Junior is often away from home, between the school in the Continassa area and the youth training sessions with Juventus,” she added.

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“If he would like more friends I have four grandchildren to introduce him. And there are also the children and grandchildren of the other neighbours, who are about their age.”

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