Download AFCON 2024 official theme song

Download AFCON 2024 official theme song
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In the vibrant realm where music and football intersect, Universal Music Africa has orchestrated a captivating musical project titled ‘AKWABA,' meaning ‘welcome' in Ivorian parlance.

As the official theme for the Pride of African football in the upcoming 34th edition of the continent's premier football event ‘AFCON 2024′, this musical endeavor not only symbolizes the tournament's essence but also pays homage to Africa's rich cultural diversity.

‘AKWABA': A harmonious ode to unity and celebration

At the helm of this artistic masterpiece is the renowned Ivorian group Magic System, famed globally for their hit “Premier Gaou.”

Collaborating on this musical odyssey are MTV award-winning Nigerian artist Yemi Alade, the multi-talented Egyptian rapper Mohamed Ramadan, and, of course, the Ivorian hit-makers Magic System themselves.

‘AKWABA' is more than just a song; it's a declaration of love for football, a celebration of the continent's unity, and a homage to the warm hospitality that Cote d'Ivoire extends to the world.

As Africa and football enthusiasts globally gather from January 13 to February 11, 2024 for AFCON 2024, this musical gem promises to be the sonic backdrop to the continent's football showpiece event.

An explosion of rhythms and melodies, ‘AKWABA' embodies the spirit of unity, passion, and celebration.

It serves as an anthem that transcends borders, embracing the collective joy and enthusiasm that AFCON 2024 brings to diverse cultures across Africa.

The collaborative efforts of Magic System, Yemi Alade, and Mohamed Ramadan fuse together to create an unforgettable musical journey.

With its availability on all streaming platforms, ‘AKWABA' invites fans to immerse themselves in the infectious beats and uplifting lyrics, fostering a sense of togetherness and excitement in the lead-up to the tournament.

As the 34th edition of the AFCON 2024 spectacle unfolds, ‘AKWABA' stands poised to become a unifying force, connecting hearts and souls through the universal language of music.

In every note and every beat, this musical masterpiece welcomes the world to experience the magic that happens when football and music converge in the heart of Africa.

Download AFCON 2024 official theme song

You can listen or get the AFCON 2024 official theme song Mp3 download below

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