Emmuanel Dennis makes huge admission about Arsenal

Emmuanel Dennis makes huge admission about Arsenal

Watford star Emmanuel Dennis has confessed to being an Arsenal fan back in the day.

He claims that he used to weep whenever Arsenal lost a game.

It is rare to see any professional footballer who didn’t have a club he supported as a kid. Most even dreamed of playing for that club when they grew older. It is allowed, but those are the stuff of dreams and rarely come to pass.

In most situations, players rarely play for their boyhood clubs. Some end up playing for rival clubs. They even score against the club they supported. A few names come to mind when talking about teams supported as a kid.

Few people know that the Chelsea legend John Terry supported Manchester United as a kid and dreamed of playing for the Mancs. Adam Lallana is another name that pops up. The former Liverpool player was a great fan of Liverpool rivals Everton. The failed Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a Liverpool fan as a kid. He ended up becoming a player legend for Manchester United.

Emmanuel Dennis is a Nigerian star who also has a club he supported as a kid but plays a fair few miles away from that club. Regardless, playing in England must be a dream come true for the Nigerian international.

Dennis confesses he was a Gunners fan

Nigeria and Watford star Emmanuel Dennis has confessed that while growing, he supported Arsenal as a fan. The forward, however, claims not to be an Arsenal fan anymore. The striker is not without his reasons for not supporting the club anymore. He points at their dwindling fortune as the reason for quitting his support for the North London side.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Dennis told of how he used to be an Arsenal fan. According to Dennis, he greatly adored Cesc  Fabregas. Dennis claims to have been so into Arsenal and would cry whenever they lose a game. The crying bit he said was not good for him.

He further stressed that he had to wean himself off Arsenal as they were causing him more pain over the years. They made him weep, and it affected his health, so he decided to quit supporting Arsenal. He claims it’s about him right now and no more.

Rumours of an Arsenal move

Earlier this week, a report surfaced of clubs interested in the Watford star while he was at Club Brugge. The report claims that Manchester United and Arsenal had shown an interest in bringing Emmanuel Dennis to England. It also claims that the deals fell through as the Premier League clubs baulked at the players’ asking price.

The story sounds too good to be true, as Drew Uyi is not authorized to comment on the players’ affair. He is not the representative for Emmanuel Dennis.

Emmanuel Dennis could still make a join Manchester United or Arsenal. The fine displays by Dennis this season puts him in the shop window. Dennis has scored seven goals this season and five assists, with his seventh goal coming in Watford’s 2-1 loss to Brentford.

After 14 appearances, Only Mohamed Salah (22) can boast of more goal involvements in the Premier League than Dennis this season

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