Ex-Barca Star David Villa Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Victim Narrates Ordeal

Former Spain and Barcelona star David Villa has been accused of sexual assault when he was still playing at New York City FC.

The 38-year-old is alleged to have inappropriately touched an intern, who included the accusation in a series of tweets about her time working for the club.

Going by the name Skyler B on Twitter, she wrote: ‘The harassment I went through at NYCFC was so bad that now the idea of professional sports terrifies me.

‘’Staying in the field of athletics terrifies me. I’m changing my entire career because the shit they did to me ruined my dreams.

‘’I thought I was getting the opportunity of a life time when I got that internship.

‘’What I got was David Villa touching me every f****** day and my bosses thinking it was great comedic material. Women brave enough to tell their stories this loudly are my heroes. Someday.’'

She continued: ‘'I still find it hilarious that I was constantly told I had a terrible attitude at that job like I wasn’t showing up everyday knowing I was gonna be groped or mocked or two hand shoved in the back. Of f****** course I had a bad attitude!!'’

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Villa was New York City FC's first signing and played from them between 2014-18.

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